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Vektrill – Cyborg EP Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock, Prog



Line Up:

Guitar & Vocals – Scott Miller.
Bass – Carlos Toppin.
Drums – Jordan Stone.



1. Cyborg
2. The Killing Science
3. Truth Seeker
4. Alone
5. Hurricane
6. Hydra


When Vektrill’s debut EP Cyborg started, my first thought was, “Hmmm, this is gonna suck!” About a minute into it I was prepared to skip on to the next album, and then the vocals started. Scott Miller has a pretty interesting voice juxtaposed with this oddball sound sonically. It’s a pastiche of space rock, fuzz guitars, and a very progressive approach while at the same time tapping into a melodic pop type of style too. I’ve been writing album reviews off and on for close to three decades now, and whether you agree with the things I write or think I’m a shitty writer, I usually have a good grasp on what I will like and what I will hate from the first few moments. I’m not going to say that I absolutely went nuts over this, but I got to give credit where credit is due: they eventually won me over.

Miller’s voice and guitar are definitely the key elements for me with Vektrill. Bassist Carlos Toppin and drummer Jordan Stone add a pretty low key back drop to the songs, and frankly the guitar playing doesn’t really jump out at me, but it’s this fuzzy tone he has that I found somewhat intriguing. There are some things I honestly hated here and there (like the gang vocal keys on “The Killing Science” for one,) but for the most part the album entertained me to a degree, like the track “Truth Seeker” had a really nice vibe to it, some really spaced out elements, and an overall appealing sound.
Vektrill’s Cyborg is tapping into some interesting territory, and for a debut it shows some potential, which is helpful in a young bands career. I’m not sure if it was production issues or skill, but sometimes the instrumentation wasn’t as impactful as it should be, making it sound almost amateurish, so perhaps with more experience these particular kinks will work themselves out.

Unless of course this was intentional then the kinks are quirks and it doesn’t do it for me. But I shall give them the benefit of the doubt as there was enough stuff here that kept me intrigued throughout. There will be limited appeal for this sound, I fear, but sometimes you have to make the noises in your head a reality and hope that enough folks like it enough to keep you going


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 7/10


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