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Rik Emmett & RESolution 9 – RES 9 Review

Released by: Provogue

Release Date: November 11th, 2016

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Rik Emmett – Guitar & Vocals
Dave Dunlop – Guitar
Steve Skingley – Bass & Keyboards
Paul DeLong – Drums



01.Stand Still
02.Human Race (feat. Alex Lifeson)
03.I Sing (feat. James LaBrie)
04.My Cathedral
05.The Ghost of Shadow Town
06.When You Were My Baby
07.Sweet Tooth
08.Heads Up
09.Rest of My Life
10.End of the Line
 (feat. Alex Lifeson & James LaBrie)
11.Grand Parade 
 (feat. Gil Moore & Mike Levine) [bonus track]


With all the Canadian iconic bands like the Tragically Hip and Rush calling it a day in recent days, I found myself reflecting back on “the good old days” when a place called Maple Leaf Gardens was the place you saw these shows and no alcohol was served at shows.

As a 16-year-old girl, I had the pleasure one night of seeing a two night back to back appearance of Triumph during their Toronto stop on the Thunder 7 Tour.

During that night I realized that even though the house was packed with strangers – however, we all had one thing in common – our love for common music and adoration for the musicians themselves.

I knew that when Rik Emmett left Triumph all those years ago that this would not be the rock and roll last of him.

Even though it’s been TOO LONG – I am proud to say that Rik and his band Resolution9 have resurrected my faith in fighting the good fight.

Being a huge fan of guitars and the people who play them Res9 does not disappoint in any way. Start to finish, Mr. Emmett and Dave Dunlop exchange licks and renew my faith that there are still artists that feel the music rather than just play it.

Of course the bonus of the Guitar God Sandwich of My Lord and Saviour Father Alex Lifeson and Rik is something one could only dream of – yet I get not only one but TWO songs on this album End of the Line and the first release Human Race off this masterpiece (available everywhere on November 11, 2016)  – however it gets better!

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) appears on two songs as well – I Sing and End of the Line (all star line up song). LaBrie brings a new level to the musicianship by adding his fantastic vocals.

To make my Canadian fangirl dream come true – Resolution9 even has reunited former band mates Gil Moore and Mike Levine forGrade Parade.

Resolution9 is a reflective album with those catchy lyrics Mr. Emmett is known for. His personal growth as both a musician and a person shine brightly on this album with such tunes as Stand Still” (“Relax – Chill – ya gotta make time stand still – let the truth come to you”), Rest of My Life and When You Were My Baby. His warm and welcoming vocals allow the listener to become part of his involvement and more times than not – even relate.

Start to finish this beautiful creation has me grinning and nodding. Grinning because now the younger music fans can hear what I’ve been talking about for all these years – and nodding because THIS ALBUM FUCKING ROCKS SOLID.

Again, proving Canadian Musicians Are The Best!

The Rock and Roll Machine is back and the engine is revving hi with Resolution9.

Tour dates are happening too – and as I am a firm believer – live is always BETTER.


Reviewer: Marianne Jacobsen

Rating:  10/10

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Sep 17 St Francis Centre Ajax, Ontario Canada
Sep 23 Center for Arts Natick, MA USA
Sep 24 The Spire Center for the Performing Arts Plymouth, MA USA
Oct 14 Tupelo Music Hall Londonderry, NH USA
Oct 15 Tupelo Music Hall Londonderry, NH USA
Nov 3 City Winery Chicago, IL USA
Nov 4 Shank Hall Milwaukee, WI USA
Nov 26 Living Arts Centre Mississauga, ON Canada
Dec 2 Havana New Hope New Hope, PA USA
Dec 3 The Tin Angel Philadelphia, PA USA

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