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Sister – Stand Up, Forward, March – Review

Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Sleaze Metal

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Jamie Anderson – Vocals

Martin Sweet – Bass

Tim Tweak – Guitar

Cari Crow – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Destination Dust

02. Carved In Stone

03. Lost In Line

04. Trail Of Destruction

05. Carry On

06. Unbeliever

07. Let It Bleed

08. Liberation Song

09. Dead Man’s Dirt

10. Endangered Species

11. Piece Of Shame


There couldn’t be a better fitting album title than “Stand up, Forward, March” for the new CD of the four Swedes in Sister. Already the Opener “Destination Dust” signalizes what burrs through the whole album. So this one starts very slow and creates a tension, just to unload what you can expect til the end of the CD: a never ending hurricane which wanna make you party along without missing tons of melodious anthems. The second song “Carved in Stone”, which is also the first single, continues very strong. This one is very sleazy and reminds of their colleagues, the sleaze-rock achiever of Hardcore Superstar. Chapeau to the guys of Sister! Also very sleazy are “Liberation Song” and “Dead Mans Dirt”. Probably you can recognize here the songwriting of their new bass guitarist Martin Sweet (Crashdiet), as this two tracks could be easily on one of Crashdiets CDs. The last named songs offer a proper amount of party mood and thanks to their dance-able rhythm they make sure that you have no other choice than to move your body to the beat of the music. Even the laziest one about dancing has to shake his legs.

In comparison to all the other album tracks “Let it bleed” is a very calm one. In this one Sister are venturing a small trip in the direction of finest Goth-Rock. So this one is a bit outstanding. Because of the gloomy vocals and partly despairingly screams of Jamie all the created emotions (rage, desperation, grief)  are transferred to the listener. So it might be one of the most emotional songs ever recorded by this four guys.

However, very hot and heavy is the last album track “Piece of Shame”. Here you can hear the punk side of this quartet. Unsurprisingly it makes you wanna join the next mosh pit around you, before you finally escape the storm.

All in all you can say that this third masterpiece is the biggest and most diversified album of Sister which kidnaps you into the typical mixture of Sleaze/Punk/Rock/Metal of these outstanding guys. No song sounds like the other one what leads to surprises by every single track. Full of excitement you simply can’t keep still. Absolutely listening recommendations are the sleazy rock numbers “Carved In Stone” and “Dead Mans Dirt”, because they simply cheer you up. In the end there is nothing left to say but “Stand up, Forward, March” to your CD-Dealer and to go to one of their upcoming shows to party along with their new anthems.
Ratings: Jessica 10/10

Written by: Jessica Kapfhammer

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