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Rhino – The Law Of Purity Review

Released by: Rhino

Release Date:  February 13, 2017

Genre:  Stoner Rock / Desert Rock


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Frank ‘The Door’ – Bass

‘Red Frank’ – Guitar

‘Lord J. Frank’ – Drums

Frank ‘Real Tube’ – Guitar

Frank ‘The Doc’ – Vocals



1. Intro

2. The Law of Purity

3. Bursting Out

4. Grey

5. Nuclear Space

6. Eat My Dust

7. Nine Months

8. A.&B. Brown

9. Cock of Dog

10. I See the Monsters


Formed in 2012, this Italian stoner rock band has their second album coming out in February on Argonauta Records , and it’s a good one. They Describe themselves as Stoner/Desert Rock, with elements of ’70’s and ’80’s Hard Rock.

The album starts off with a short intro, before the first song ‘The Law Of Purity’, kicks into gear with a great guitar riff that really draws you in. We’ve always been believers that your album is as good as the opening song is, and this is what will set the tone and expectations for what comes next. Happy to say, this is a great opener.

‘Bursting Out’ starts off with a slow guitar intro that transforms to a hammering guitar riff soon after, always a great way to start a song, making you feel the anticipation for that first guitar riff to be pounded out. Slow, fast, slow, fast, this song keeps changing pace, a great song that is heavy as fuck at the right times!

For the song ‘Grey’, you have a short drum intro, then a little bass to go along, some guitar joins in and then Boom! This song kicks into gear and takes off running. “Nuclear Space’ is another burner that keeps the pace of this album flowing.

“Eat My Dust’ goes back to that great stoner rock groove, that keeps you jamming and your head bouncing. Has a slow down in the middle of the song before going back to a pounding guitar. ‘Nine Months’ is another song that you just can’t help enjoying as a fan of stoner rock. Great guitar sound, pounding drums and bass, and great vocals throughout. ‘A. & B. Brown’ is hard, fast and fuzzy, just the way a stoner rock song should be.

How can anyone not like a song called ‘Cock Of The Dog’. It’s fun just saying the name of this one. Besides that, it’s just another awesome song like everything else that has come before it. You then get the fantastic finishing song ‘I See The Monsters’, that continues the low fuzziness that stoner rock should be, all the way to the end of the album.

If you love the Stoner Rock/Desert Rock, then be sure to pick up this new album. There are some great guitar solos blended into each song. Your neck may be a bit sore after listening, but Rhino has put out a solid album that should be on all future stoner rock listening lists. Definitely worth checking out!!


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  8/10


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