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Dead Witches – Ouija Review

Released by: Dead Witches

Release Date: February 10, 2017

Genre: Doom/Occult Metal




Vocalist: Virginia Monti

Bassist: Carl Geary

Guitarist: Greg Elk (R.I.P.)

Drummer: Mark Greening


I. Intro
II. Dead
III. Drawing Down The Moon
IV. Ouija
V. Mind Funeral
VI. A World Of Darkness


Classic doom forces have come together and formed a supergroup, and they give us Dead Witches. Mark Greening Drums (Electric Wizard, Ramesses and With The Dead) and Virginia Monti Vocals (Psychedelic Witchcraft) along with Carl Geary Bass and the late Greg Elk Guitar have teamed up and are about to release their first album ‘Ouija’ on February 10th. Recorded at Chuckalumba Studios located in New Forest, Hampshire, England this past October, where the classic Electric Wizard album ‘Dopethrone’ was recorded. This album is full of all the ingredients that make up a great doom album, and it takes you on a 33 minute, dark and gloomy trip to hell and back.

The ‘Intro’ sets the mood with a creepy and cemetery like feel, it starts with the sound of pouring rain then bass kicks in, followed along by a creepy organ and a howling, almost demonic guitar riff. Great way to open up on an album such as this.

When the song ‘Dead’ starts, right away you can feel the influence their previous bands have on the sound of this album. There’s a great a hypnotic groove & feel to this song. Virginia’s vocals are both haunting and beautiful.
‘Drawing down The Moon’ is a great song. As someone like myself, who’s read a lot about witchcraft over the years, the Drawing Down the Moon ritual, makes for a great song title and subject for a band such as this to write about. Check out the video link below.

The song ‘Ouija’ is not about puppies and unicorns, kids, this song is an ode to the occult in every sense of the way. This could be a soundtrack to a Dario Argento movie. Blood, Satan, what more can you ask for. On ‘Mind Funeral’, you can really hear that classic Mark Greening drum playing on this song. The heaviest song on the album. Saturated in low fuzzy guitar and bass sound. Virginia’s singing cuts through like a knife. ‘A World Of Darkness’ is just an amazing doom metal song. It has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. It has that type of sound, that when you are done listening to it, those low tones just resonate in your ears leaving you begging for more.

This is a fantastic debut. It has the classic Psych/Doom sound you’d expect from a group with a pedigree that Dead Witches has, and it’s no surprise since Greening and Monti are familiar with the formula. The guitar and bass playing on the album are superb. Sadly, guitarist, Greg Elk passed away shortly after recording the album. It was announced on the Dead Witches Facebook page on October 29th which reads: “Greg we still can’t believe you are gone. We will never forget the time you spent with us, the music that we made together and your incredible talent and sweet soul, that always had words of love for everyone, always ready to be better, always there for the band no matter what.”

You can’t ask for a better debut album than this. Hoping the band will be out supporting ‘Ouija’. Make sure to check their website and Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, grab yourself a copy.

Available in:

R.I.P. Greg.


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 10/10


Drawing Down The Moon Video

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