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Burnt Out Wreck – Swallow Review

TRHRC through Cherry Red 
10 February 2017


Line Up:

Gary Moat – vocals, rhythm guitar
Adrian Dunn – guitar, backing vocals
Alex Carmichael – bass, backing vocals
Miles Goodmanl, guitar
Paul Gray – drums



1. Burnt Out Wreck
2. Swallow
3. She’s the One
4. Pulling It Out
5. Talk About Love
6. Medusa
7. Flames
8. She’s A Dirty Lover
9. Your Love (Is ALl I Need)
10. Rocking Man
11. Best Of Your Life


Heavy Pettin’ is a band that has been around for ages and held in high regard by folks lucky enough to have come to know them but were never a band that swooped up the charts like many of their contemporaries despite being just as talented and melodic. When I heard drummer Gary Moat was taking the helm of his own band as singer/guitarist I was instantly ready to check it out. I wasn’t sure if the sound would follow in the same vein as Heavy Pettin’ or not, so with my expectations set aside I plunged into their debut Swallow and found it wasn’t what I would’ve expected, but was very pleased with what I got.

Right off the bat, Burnt Out Wreck comes out swinging with a hard rock assault that is somewhere along the same lines as Krokus and AC/DC, yet rooted very much in a melodic vein. Moat’s voice is very soulful and bluesy right there in the same area as a Bon Scott for sure without copying him. Swallow is full of down and dirty, hard hitting rock music that’s perfect for drinking beer and hanging out with friends or just kicking back feeling old school. With tracks like “Flames,” “Pulling It Out, and “Best of Your Life” Swallow hearkens back to simpler times when music was just about having a good time and rocking out.

Excellent musicianship, great catchy songs with an old school vibe to it, this album should appease any fan of late 70’s hard rock and early 80’s metal. Burnt Out Wreck offer a fresh take on a classic style, and they pull it off with the expertise of a veteran of the business as Gary Moat is. Crack open a cold one and slap this one into your CD player and prepare to let your cares fall to the wayside as some kick ass hard rock and roll washes over you.


Rating:  8/10

Written by: Chris Martin


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