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Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Review

Released by: Motorhead Music
Genre: Rock
Release date: 18 November 2016


Line up:

Phil Campbell – guitar
Todd Campbell – guitar
Dane Campbell – drums
Tyla Campbell – bass
Neil Starr – vocals


1 Big Mouth
2 Spiders
3 Take Aim
4 No Turning Back
5 Life In Space


The former Motorhead guitarist has got together with his three sons and vocalist Neil Starr for their debut EP.

Produced in the band’s own welsh studio, and produced by the band’s own guitarist Todd Campbell, and mixed by producer Cameron Webb this EP has everything you could possibly need, and expect, from a rock legend.

The EP opens with Big Mouth, which for a moment I managed to confuse with Green Day as the Intro is a very punk rock before getting into the swing of the just the Rock. With clear vocals from Neil Starr and many guitar solos, this is a cracking EP opener.

Spiders continue the Rock vibe, with a heavy drum intro before the guitars kick in. Take Aim is foot-tappingly pleasing, with easy to learn lyrics this could easily become a summer festival sing-along track. With a nice little break down in the middle for a breather before kicking back into foot tapping melody, this is a well put together song.

No Turning Back is a bit heavier and darker than the previous tracks on the EP, and kicks of perfectly for a mosh. With some nice melodic vocals thrown in for good measure, this would make a great driving song.

The EP finishes with Life In Space. This is a much slower composition. Almost Ballard like allowing vocalist Neil Starr to use the softer side of his vocal range. A nice chilled end to a pretty nice EP. This is most definitely one for the collection.


Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

Rating: 8/10


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