ALESTORM – No Grave But The Sea Review

Warning: If you find drinking and having a good time offensive, this album is not for you....

Released by: Napalm Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Pirate Metal



Line Up:

Christopher Bowes – Vocals
Máté Bodor – Guitar
Gareth Murdock – Bass
Elliot Vernon – Keyboards
Peter Alcorn – Drums



01. “No Grave But the Sea”
02. “Mexico”
03. “To the End of the World”
04. “Alestorm”
05. “Bar und Imbiss”
06. “F–ked With an Anchor”
07. “Pegleg Potion”
08. “Man the Pumps”
09. “Rage of the Pentahook”
10. “Treasure Island”


Let your hair flow wild, kick off your shoes and enjoy Alestorm’s fifth studio album ‘No Grave But The Sea’ via Napalm Records. It has been three years since we heard anything new from these Scottish pirates and it is well worth the wait. A first to feature guitarist Máté Bodor and the band promised he would bring “tasty and delicious” solos along with him. One should read the rest of this review or give the album a spin to see if he delivered such taste amongst other hidden treasures.

Warning: If you find drinking and having a good time offensive, this album is not for you. Now, let’s proceed with a glass of rum in our hand. The album kicks off with the title track as the introduction will remind the listener of a mix between ska and a hint of Trollfest. This doesn’t last long once the vocals enter as they sing about being a pirate, sailing away on the open sea and letting the waves guide one’s destiny.

The next song involves drinking and partying in “Mexico.” Those pirates have it rough living out on the seas, embracing storms and looking for treasure. However, their rest stop is Mexico and they remind each other that you only live once. The lyrics state, “tonight we drink together, tomorrow we may die.” With booze aside, the instrumental moves well with this tune especially with the groovy basslines. It’s a song to let go and learn to live, party hard since we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.

Ahoy! The album enters a darker voyage with the next tune “To the End of the World.” It begins with a Reel Big Fish style as it morphs into arrrrg longer tale including killer riffs and a mysterious ambiance as it takes the listener on a long dark voyage into the unknown. Is it Pale, Amber or Dark in the storm of ale? This baffling ale question rises in the next “Alestorm.” It speaks upon the thirst of rum, beer, and all things a pirate needs to survive, especially taking a turn to a party zone. The fun and catchy melodies continue as we learn more about these men with “Bar und Imbiss.” There’s lots more beer and this song shares a tale about sausages and waving swords in the air as the musical instrumentation flows faster than a mighty storm in the middle of the sea.

Everyone should walk while listening to “Fucked With An Anchor” every morning for the rest of their life. It’s bold, fun and the best song on the album. Narrr, we reached the second half of the album with “Pegleg Potion” and don’t worry, there’s more booze as this song tells you to drink until the end of time. The next two songs “Man the Pumps” and “Rage of the Pentahook” continue to remind us all that life is short and we might as well continue to drink and be merry. The album concludes with the pirates on a quest for treasure with “Treasure Island.” It’s the longest song on the album but remains catchy.

Alestorm’s ‘No Grave But The Sea’ should be considered as one of the most enjoyable albums of 2017. You are reminded to not take everything too seriously and to simply learn to enjoy and have a good time. As much as you will laugh and sing along with each song, you will also notice the commendable musicianship as well. Now go buy a brew or have a bottle of rum and listen to this album!


Rating: 8/10

Written By,

Zenae Zukowski



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