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Aborted – Bathos EP Review

Released by: Century Media Records

Release Date: July 7th, 2017

Genre: Death Metal



Line Up:

Sven De Caluwe: Gurgloroth
Mendel Bij De Leij: Flesh Upon The Razor Wire
Stefano Francescini: Nocturnal Pulse
Ken Bedene: Hymen Blaster
Ian Jelekis: Immaculate Resection



1. Bathos
2. Fallacious Crescendo


Aborted have been churning out top notch Death Metal since the late 90’s and are showing no signs of slowing down. And for that I say, thank you. Fewer bands of this genre have made as lasting an impression on the scene, loved by their legions of fans. Brutal and hyper-aggressive, they’re one of the most interesting bands in Death Metal. Last year saw the release of a full-length album (Retrogore) and an EP (Termination Redux.) 2017 is half done and Aborted is giving us another EP with Bathos.

Photo Credit: Olga Kuzmenko Photography Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov Fortress, Czech Republic, August 10-13, 2016

I don’t usually write about EP’s, especially when there are only two songs, but a band like Aborted makes it so easy to do, so I figured why not. The EP opens with the title track “Bathos,” which slowly builds up to this blisteringly heavy and massively powerful track. It creates such tension with the ultra-aggressive vocals and the chaotic and quick guitar phrases. The next track, “Fallacious Crescendo” is immediate and pummeling with its intensity. That has always been one of my favorite aspects of this band- the intensity is so great and builds this massive tension. And then just like that, the EP is done.

My only complaint is that this is merely a tease, like sticking in the tip musically speaking. Of course, that’s what a good EP should do: leave the listener wanting more, and that’s exactly what Aborted does with Bathos. It’s only 8 minutes of music, but it is super powerful, highly memorable, and makes you want to hear more. Let’s hope that there is some more music soon on the horizon


Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 9/10



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