Michael Monroe – The Best Review

Michael Monroe has remained partially an underrated musician, but there's no denying his influence was and still is immense....

Released by: Spinefarm

Release date: JUNE 9th

Genre: Hard Rock

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CD 1:
Dead, Jail Or Rock `N’ Roll
Man With No Eyes
It`s A Lie (Remastered) (feat. Stiv Bators)
Nights Are So Long
Can`t Go Home Again
Nothin`s Alright (Remastered)
Hammersmith Palais (Remastered)
You Crucified Me (Remastered)
Deadtime Stories (Remastered)
Where`s The Fire John? (Remastered)
Make It Go Away (Remastered)
Life Gets You Dirty (Remastered)
Self Destruction Blues (Remastered)
Stranded (Remastered)
Telephone Bills’s All Mine (Remastered)

CD 2:
Trick Of The Wrist (Remastered)
’78 (Remastered)
All You Need (Remastered)
Ballad Of The Lower East Side (Remastered)
Eighteen Angels (Remastered)
Stained Glass Heart (Remastered)
Old King`s Road (Remastered)
Goin’ Down With The Ship (Remastered)
Keep Your Eye On You (Remastered)
One Foot Outta The Grave
Fist Fulla Dynamite
Get On (Remastered)
Magic Carpet Ride (feat. Slash)


Michael Monroe, the real glam-punk icon, the legendary front man of Finnish Hanoi Rocks established in 1979, is back with an album with all his best hits. This isn’t just a compilation, this album “The Best” contain every single edge of his multifaceted glitter career and personality. So that’s why this title is simply right because Michael is simply the best and as I’m a longtime fan of his, I can appreciate this excellent music collection.

This album takes me back to the ‘Golden Ages’ of glam rock, where Hanoi Rocks inspired alt of the best American rock bands and introduced an ocean of glitter into my life.

Michael Monroe has remained partially an underrated musician, but there’s no denying his influence was and still is immense.

30 years of a solo career are enclosed in the album, Michael Monroe, in parallel with Hanoi Rocks, released solo albums and after the final split of the band as well. His style remained the same, a mix of punk, blues, hard rock, and glam, of course. It goes without saying that each song represents different moments of this long life into Rock and Roll.

So many songs make it nearly impossible to analyze one by one, each one is a rock jab that makes you sing and move, each one has a story and one thing is certain, track by track Michael Monroe embraces with his voice and the raw power of his style.

Some real gems are included in “The Best” like “It’s a Lie” duet with Stiv Bators, Dead Boys’frontman, done in 1985. Hurriganes’s “Get on” and “It’s a Lie”, “Simpletown”, “Fist Fulla Dynamite” and A cover of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride”, from the comedy “Coneheads” with Dan Akroyd soundtrack Monroe and Slash did in 1993.

But there are good old stuff like “Nights Are So Long” from his first solo album in 1987, the brilliant rocking shocking song “Dead Jail Or Rock N Roll”, or “Men With No Eyes” both songs from “Not Fakin’ It” of 1989, or the great bluesy “Self Destruction Blues” from the album “Life Gets You Dirty” of 1999.Two other previously unreleased songs are “Fist Fulla Dynamite” and “Simpletown”, outtakes from the “Blackout Stakes” album of 2015, plus there’s the new single “One Foot Outta The Grave”. Such great music, authentic Hard Rock attraction, Michael’s uncontrolled passion, energy and emotion, a long career enclosed in twenty-nine songs. Superb album for a great artist, a must have for all his fan and for the new rock generation that will know how much important this artist is.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10

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