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Michael Monroe – I Live Too Fast To Die Young Review

Released by: Silver Lining Music

Release Date: 10 June 2022

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Michael Monroe – lead vocals, harmonica
Steve Conte – guitars, vocals
Rich Jones – guitars, vocals
Karl Rockfist – drums
Sami Yaffa – bass, vocals, guitar



Murder The Summer Of Love
Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics
Derelict Palace
All Fighter
Everybody’s Nobody
Can’t Stop Falling Apart
Pagan Prayer
No Guilt
I Live Too Fast To Die Young
Dearly Departed


Michael Monroe steps back onto the scene with his explosive album “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” which is set to be released June 10th 2022, under Silver Lining Music.

The introductory track “Murder the Summer of Love” unleashes the true grit of the Finnish singers’ vocals alongside the fast paced – pedal to the floor –  main riff, this is no doubt a treat for the ears and truly starts the album off with a bang.

Moving on with “Young Drunks – Old Alcoholics” captures what Rock N’ Roll is really all about. With its’ ear catching true to 80s progression and vocals throughout, this will surely make you get up and have a dance, spill your drink and bring you back into that concert experience, definitely something that can be seen as a hit with live audiences.

Another track that truly packs a punch is “All Fighter” which fans of punk will absolutely love, where collectively the adrenaline of the band really shines through from start to finish.

Self titled “I Live Too Fast to Die Young” really brings a treat for listeners and 80s fans as none other than the legendary Slash features on guitar. With an unmistakable tone shining from his Les Paul his feature on this album brings nothing but the best Rock N’ Roll and blues progressions and licks one can hope for. It’s another song that surely has the markings of a great 2022 Rock release. Slash’s familiarity can be heard with that delightful solo just before the once again catchy chants that commence that chorus. Fabulous stuff.

“Dearly Departed” being the outro track for this album can be quite a bizarre difference from the overall theme of the album, with synthesizers incorporating a classic European dance/techno element it can stick out a fair bit from the albums’ main sound of rock n roll and punk blend…ending the album on quite a timid note so to say.

All in all, a great Rock N’ Roll album


Written by: Mo Sheerin

Ratings: 7/10


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