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Zuul – Zuul Review

Released by: Zuul

Release Date: 9/8/2017

Genre: Noise Rock/ Punk




Guitar/ Vocals: JL Bolinger
Guitar : Ian Koheler
Bass: Denny Richards
Drums: Alex Watts



1. 747
2. Punk Funk
3. What If
4. Middle Child
5. I Don’t Drive
6. Jimmy Buffet Killed Iowa City
7. Greg Hall
8. (Untitled)


Forming back in 2015, this band started bringing its brand of noise punk to everyone that wanted to hear it. They made their debut album, which was self-titled, shortly after and went out on the road. Now, that album is being released on vinyl for the first time, so we decided to take a listen to it, and let you know what we think.

Having not heard anything from the band prior to this, we weren’t sure what to expect with Zuul. But the first song is more like something that I would expect if Lemmy had guested on a Kyuss album and we really dig it. Just something about the song ‘747’ that screams that vibe. But once ‘Punk Funk’ kicks in, you know exactly what noise punk is. A scrappy sound, with some fuzziness in the guitar, and growly vocals. ‘What If’ is a quickly paced ripper that screams in its lyrics “I was gonna waste your time”, but it’s anything but that, and is one of the favorites on this record.

‘Middle Child’ has a great vibe to it and ‘I Don’t Drive’ is a bit slower than most of the songs on this record. One of the more intriguing songs on the album is the heavy hitter ‘Jimmy Buffet Killed Iowa City’. It’s really got more of a metal feel to it and give the album a great change of sound. ‘Greg Hall’ seems to be the favorite for us of this one. This album finishes up with the slow spacey song which is simply (Untitled). Not sure if it’s really got no title, or if’s named (untitled), either way, it’s got a cool vibe to end this record.

The digital sample has seven live songs included on it as well, which is included as a download code with the purchase of the vinyl copy. They all sound great as a live set. They include a few extra songs, not on the album, one is ‘Don’t Play Cards With Satan’. The vinyl also includes a poster of the album artwork as well.

This should be a great grab when it comes out, and we’ll have to check out the pre-order before they’re gone. Use the link below to snag your self-one as well! They also have a short EP out, which is worth getting a copy of as well. They have a second full-length in the works and we’ll be looking forward to that one when it comes out.


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 8/10

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