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Attalla, Stone Priest and Spacelord Live at Mohawk Place, Buffalo NY September 3rd,2017


Live review: Pam and Mark Schaff
Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


Earlier this year, a review for Attalla’s newest album ‘Glacial Rule’ came to us, and boy are we glad it did. Having not been familiar with Attalla prior to it, it turned out to be a great album, could be on the top lists for the year. So when they said they were going to hit Buffalo as one of the tour stops, we were excited to be able to see them play live. And they came to Mohawk Place over the weekend and played a show with two local bands on the bill as well, and it turned into one great night of music.


The first band to hit the stage was a local group called Spacelord. Prior to tonight, we had not heard of them, so we were not familiar with what they sounded like. So getting the chance to see what new bands to us are about, is something we always look forward to and enjoy doing. With no idea what to expect, this Buffalo band gave us a great surprise. They sounded great! The band consists of Ed Grabianowski on vocals, Richard Root on guitar, Chris Cappiello on bass and Kevin Flynn on drums. We can’t say enough about how great these guys were. They pounded out about nine heavy songs on the night, all of which were killer jams. We highly recommend you check out their three-song EP, which is their first official release using the link below, it’s titled ‘New Horrible Menace’.


Next up was the band that drew us to this show, Attalla. Forming in 2012, These guys have some heavy riffs on their albums and we were eager to see how this played out live. They didn’t let us down. You could have thought at times that the vinyl was playing alongside them. They sounded killer! Coming from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, they’re on the road supporting their new album ‘Glacial Rule’, which is a phenomenal album from the first song to last. And the first self-titled record is no slouch either. They have a sound that reminds us at times somewhat of Electric Wizard, but truly, they have their own sound and a great sound at that. This band is made up of Cody Stieg on lead guitar and vocals, Brian Hinckley on rhythm guitar, Bryan Kunde on bass and Aaron Kunde on drums. They played about eight songs total, playing tunes from both albums, and slayed a live version of the song ‘Black Wolf Rituals’, which is one of our favorites. The guys are still out on the road for a bit, if they hit your town or city, be sure to get out and see them live. Grab a copy of the new album on their Bandcamp page in the link below. We look forward to the next time they hit Buffalo, we’ll be there for sure!


Stone Priest

Closing out the night was another Buffalo local band called Stone Priest. We’ve heard of these guys but hadn’t had the honor of getting to see them live until now. And we’re glad we got to scratch this one off the list. Yet another fantastic band to finish up the night. We now got to see what we’ve been missing all along. It’s always nice to see keyboards in heavy music, we think there’s something to be said about how well it can compliment songs if done the right way. This band has it nailed down. Heavy and a sound at times that reminds us of a band called The Devil and the Almighty Blues, which is meant as a compliment. The guys in the band are Harold Pollinger on keyboard and vocals, Shea Rayhn on drums and vocals, Christopher Delmont on guitar and B/U vocals and Larry Gartley on bass. Even though it took a while for us to see these guys live, we definitely hope it doesn’t take as long to catch them again. They have a seven-song self-titled debut that came out last June, everyone needs to check it out below, and grab a copy to help support a kick-ass local band.

After the show ended, we headed home with the music still ringing in our ears. Which is one of the ways to tell you been to a great show. We look forward to seeing all these bands again at some time in the future. And cannot wait till the next time Attalla heads through the area. This was a great night for supporting a couple local metal bands, as well as catching a band we needed to see in Attalla.

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