Sweet & Lynch – Unified Review

The traditional noggin nodding familiar beat and riffs of the 80's on songs like Make Your Mark, Heart of Fire are timeless....

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: November 10th, 2017

Genre: Hard Rock

Links: https://www.facebook.com/SweetLynch/


Line Up:

Michael Sweet – Lead Vocals, Guitars
George Lynch – Lead Guitars
James Lomenzo – Bass Guitar
Brian Tichy – Drums



Promised Land



Make Your Mark

Tried & True


Find Your Way

Heart Of Fire

Bridge Of Broken Lies

Better Man

Live To Die


As a teenager growing up in the 80’s I fell into a cornucopia of guitar heroes and vocal giants. Two of these, of course, would be Mr. Scary himself George Lynch and the God delivered angelic voice of Michael Sweet.

Now – as dreams I never even dreamed are coming true as Sweet & Lynch  – has brought these two major musical heavy hitters together and I have to say – I’m not surprised, IT’S FUCKING AMAZING! Sweet and Lynch are not the only recognizable names in this band.  My very own SDMFer James (Jlo) Lomenzo and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) round out this ensemble of awesomeness.

The last time I talked to Michael Swee was about two years ago. He told me about the solo album he was up to as well as the Stryper (he is the lead singer) tour.  https://myglobalmind.com/2015/10/25/interview-with-strypers-yellow-and-black-attack-leader-michael-sweet/

Basically, Sweet has delivered at least an album a year since we spoke. KUDOS. OK now on to the album:

Right from the first riff of Promised Land, your noggin is nodding. Michael Sweet’s vocals are so clear and perfect it’s almost as if his vocals have only gotten better since the 80’s (if that’s possible).  Hearing the first giant solo of Lynch (which is unmistakable if you are a fan) put a smile on my face – THE BLINDING GUITAR SOLO IS BACK!

As you trek through the album the variations of style and true musicianship show over and over again.  Proving what nerdy me already knew – Leave the rock and roll to the grown-ups kids.

My favorite song on the album is track 4 – Make Your Mark – the message is clear, the vocals are the anthem style that I love to sing along to. 

Overall this is a very powerful and reminiscent Stryper style song written always filled with hope and sealed with a guitar solo. Live to Die is also a nice surprise at the end of the album as it is a unique song, much different style than anything else on the album as far as vocals and beat. A great sing-along song and more of a caboose mover than most. 

Tried and True is the anthem of this album – the power ballad.  Sweet’s vocals, as well as the sing-along chorus, makes this one of those lighter approved tunes that’ l have you asking your special person to dance to this one.
This is really a start to finish on the turntable album – the variations in style with the list of blues in songs like Find Your Way , Bridge of Broken Lies, Better Man and Unified really making this an album not only technically brilliant – it’s also soulful.

The traditional noggin nodding familiar beat and riffs of the 80’s on songs like Make Your Mark, Heart of Fire are timeless.

The transitions between songs and the track list set choice is strong. The entire album has that “rise above all” vibe to it lyrically.  Musically it blows the roof off anything that I have heard since summer 2017.

As usual – I come out of hiding only for the best – check this album out – if you are an old fan you will be pleased – if you are a new fan – Welcome to Awesomeville.


Written by: Marianne “Den Mother” Jacobsen

Rating: 10/10

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