Killer Bee looking forward to a Kick-Ass 2018 celebrating 25 Years

In 2018 KILLER BEE are celebrating 25 Years… time certainly flies. At the moment they are working on a new album in Church Garden Studios planned to be released in the fall of 2018, and there are more releases planned as well – five songs from the early 90’s that was found among all the tapes that’s been saved throughout the years, therefore the title TAPES FROM THE ATTIC… and a 25-year Anniversary Vinyl are in the works as well… much more to come so stay tuned!

They are very excited and they are looking forward to hit the roads with LoNero . A fantastic band that delivers kickass instrumental songs with amazing guitars, and here’s what the media has to say.. so Check them out, and we´ll see you soon.

“….THE instrumental record of the year wasn’t issued by [Steve] Vai, [Yngwie] Malmsteen, [Paul] Gilbert or any of the ‘marquee names.’ That distinction belongs to LoNero for their album ‘The Defiant Machine.’ Who doesn’t love an underdog?”

– Oregon Music News

“…They claim to have invented Guitarcore, so you should really hate them. But you can’t, because they’re just so damn good!”

– Guitar Player Magazine

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