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Uli Jon Roth at O2 Academy Islington – December 2017

Words & Pictures – Eleanor Blackman

Uli Jon Roth is definitely one of the best guitarists I have had the privilege of seeing live the show was incredible. The venue was on the smaller but completely full of supporters that you could barely move. The atmosphere in the room was brilliant as you could see how involved the crowd was with the band especially during the guitar solos. At the end of the show the crowd were shouting for more, some people had travelled a long way just to see the show for the night.

Although, I was only able to take pictures for the first 3 songs it gave me the chance to really get into the music especially towards the end. From the night, my favourite song was The Sails of Charon, the guitar solo at the start was stunning and loved the song in general you could tell it was one of the favourites throughout the audience as they sang along with the band. The lighting of the stage through the performance was brilliant and really highlighted the band during the songs and fit well with each chorus and changed with the rhythm of the music. Overall it was a great show, you could see the passion from both the audience and the band throughout. One of the highlights of the night was when Uli got out his double neck guitar, as you could see how skillful of a musician he is as it is a very hard instrument to play.

All of the songs were well performed and were beautifully played and each song gave the whole band an opportunity to shine as individual musician as well as a band.

The vocals on the night were stunning and put some of the records to shame as they are good on CD but they were incredible live.

The majority of the music was a mixture of instrumental solos, slow and fast there wasn’t a dull moment as each song was completely original and different from one before.

The set list:

  • Longing for fire
  • The Sails of Charon
  • Sun in my hand
  • We’ll burn the sky
  • In trance (Scorpions song)
  • Rainbow dream prelude
  • Fly to the Rainbow
  • Pictured life (Scorpions song)
  • Dark lady (Scorpions song)
  • Yellow Raven (Scorpions song)
  • All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)
  • All night Long (Scorpions song)

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