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Daxx & Roxane, LIVE @ Camden Assembly 10th March 2018

Words: Karen Hetherington

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Finishing up the last gig of their recent tour on home turf – relatively speaking, I was anxious to see Swiss rockers Daxx & Roxane play Camden Assembly, it had been way too long.

Up first and playing as support for the London gig only were Glasgow rock band Anchor Lane. Their first appearance in London apparently, there were a few in the crowd who had made the journey to see them and it wasn’t hard to see why. They pulled off an amazing performance which had me hooked from their first song and although their material was unfamiliar, by halfway through the performance I couldn’t resist rocking out to their music as if they were playing old favourites. Stampeding through their set with precision and expertise they pumped out one quality track after another and having made an instant impression on me I set off in search of their CD.

Being of the opinion that the night was off to a great start and with the venue considerably filling up I eagerly awaited the onslaught of headliners Daxx & Roxane.

Daxx & Roxanes’ EP 4 x 4 was an instant hit with me back in 2016 and the band have been a firm favourite of mine since I first saw them play live, their performances increasing in aptitude with every show – this gig was no exception.

Undoubtedly in fine form and tightened up by the recent touring schedule, they took to the stage amongst rapturous applause with the ease and expertise of veteran rockers and proceeded to plough through well-known tracks such as “Good Vibes”, “Girl Next Door”, “Wrong Side” and the fantastic eponymous album track “Ticket to Rock”. The set was punctuated by the poignant and mellow “Leaving for Tomorrow” but the highlight for me was the introduction of their latest single “Junk Food Hangover” – released on the day of the Camden gig (9th March). Somewhat far removed in style and tempo from previous material its effect is no less infectious than their earlier tracks featuring ferocious vocals and spiralling guitar riffs. Bearing in mind the band have been touring with only one album and one EP’s worth of material, the new single is a welcome addition to their set list although truthfully with an album as high calibre as “Ticket to Rock” I doubt they will ever fail to impress a crowd.

Unfortunately on this occasion due to the capacity in the venue (formerly The Barfly, Camden) I was stuck at the back propping up the bar but even with my poor vantage point the band undeniably put on a hell of a show which was, in usual form, as fantastic to watch as it was to listen to (I look forward to checking them out on stage at the Stone Free Festival in June!)

The hiatus of the performance for me was the cover version of Queen’s “One Vision”. As experimental as the band have proven themselves to be, they have a recognisable style and I found this song to be ‘ill fitting’ amongst their fantastic original tracks, but there again…in my opinion Queen were never as good as Daxx & Roxane…

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