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The Amorettes – Born To Break Review

Released By: SPV/Steamhammer
Release Date: April 06 2018
Genre: Hard Rock
Line Up
Gill Montgomery, – Vocals/Guitars,
Heather McKay, – Bass,
Hannah McKay, – Drums,
1. Can You Feel The Fire
2. Hello And Goodbye
3. Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll
4. Born To Break
5. Whatever Gets You Through The Night
6. Hell Or High Water
7. You Still Got Rock And Roll
8. Easy Tiger
9. Bat Shit Crazy
10. Comin’ Up The Middle
11. High On Your Energy
12. Want It Bad
Glasgow has a good track record for producing excellent bands and vocalists within the rock genre including The Almighty and Phil Campbell (The Temperance Movement). The Amorettes are no exception and have furthered their credentials with album number 4 (if you include their independent release Haulin’ Ass). Game On and White Hot Heat introduced the 3 piece to the ears of rock fans and the relentless touring and brilliant live shows have garnered a faithful following. I recently saw the trio supporting The Dead Daisies and their set was proper heads down, full on hard rock from beginning to end. A headlining tour can’t be far away.
All the ingredients are in place on this album. Born To Break is produced by the legendary Luke Morley (Thunder) and was recorded at Rockfield Studios in South Wales where Queen recorded most of their A Night At The Opera album. Throw in 3 co-songwriting credits for Luke Morley and 1 for Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders & The Almighty) and the expectation levels are high. 
Many new records nowadays start with an introduction song before kicking in, however album opener “Can You Feel The Fire” is a refreshing marker of the bands intention to rock the listener from the first guitar riff and the ‘singalong’ chorus is instantly memorable. Straight away the band are sounding superb and the energy and intensity of the live shows has been transferred to the music on the album. “Hello And Goodbye” is a slower paced rock song and showcases the tightness of the impressive rhythm section which then leads into “Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock And Roll”. This is my 2018 go to summer rock song and sounds immense blasting out from my car! It is a sad indictment of today’s mainstream music scene that a song as good as this will be ignored by all the ‘so called’ big radio stations and reach a much smaller audience than the song deserves. The title track “Born To Break” keeps up the momentum with its crashing guitar and headbanging chorus. “Whatever Gets You Through The Night” and “Hell Or High Water” showcases Gill’s guitar skills as well as her vocal delivery and range. “You Still Got Rock And Roll” is my highlight from the album featuring an amazing ‘middle section’ with the band rocking hard and a song that will become a live favourite within their increasing repertoire. “Easy Tiger”, “Bat Shit Crazy” and “Comin’ Up The Middle” flow seamlessly from one to the other and keeps up the pace of the album until we get to the last song “Want It Bad”. The song is a slight departure from everything that has gone before and is evidence the band can slow things down a little when the mood takes them.
Overall the album continues the upward trajectory of The Amorettes. Gill’s songwriting, guitar playing and impressive vocals along with Hannah and Heather’s instantly recognisable rhythm section has produced a winning formula both on the live stage and on record. I look forward to seeing the band playing as headliners in bigger venues and receiving the credit and the kudos they surely deserve.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer: Simon Kneller

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