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Mos Generator Live at Mowhawk Place in Buffalo, NY 5/14/2018

Live review: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


Mos Generator has been making music for over twenty years, and until now, they have never played in Buffalo, NY. But on May 14th, Buffalo finally got its show, and we were waiting for this one to get here. Having seen the guys a couple years ago at the Maryland Doomfest, we knew what the city was in for this night and the great music that was about to be played!

First up was a couple of local openers to take the stage. Fox Forty Five from Syracuse and Nine Layers Deep from Buffalo took the stage and delivered a couple powerful sets to start the night. Both these bands have a great sound, each play killer doom/sludge/stoner metal. We’ve seen Nine Layers Deep a few times now and they always play a crushing set. We highly suggest you check out Nine Layers Deep.

They have four single tracks you can pick up here :

Fox 45 has an EP and their latest full length in August of 2017 on Twin Earth Records. You can find them here :

Both these bands kicked ass and gave the crowd on hand a great start to their night. They both come highly recommended, and you should pick up any and all the music they have to offer without a doubt.

When Mos Generator got up on stage, it didn’t take long for the guys to start rocking the Buffalo crowd with their brand of kick-ass doom/stoner rock. Like we said earlier, they’ve been making music for over twenty years and have an extensive catalog to pick from. These guys play because they love it and it shows in their performance. They are having fun up there and in return, the audience has a great time. Tony, Sean, and Jono can bring it on any given night, and on this night it was in Buffalo. On tour supporting their newest album ‘Shadowlands’, they were out with Fu Manchu, and on an off night Mos Generator hit Buffalo for a headline show, and we couldn’t ask for more. They played songs from throughout their albums and even included a handful from the new album. ‘Breakers’, ‘Electric Mountain Majesty’ and ‘Lonely One Kenobi’ were some of the killer songs they played, while ‘Shadowlands’, which is one of our favorites off the new album, and ‘Drowning in Your Loving Cup’ got high marks on the night, and sounded great.

You must catch these guys if they come through your town! They are a must-see band. The songs from the new album sounded great live. We want to thank them for coming to Buffalo on a Monday night to play, which is difficult to find a packed club in Buffalo on a weekday, but they played as if they were playing to a packed arena. You can’t ask much more than that from a band. And go out and get the new album ‘Shadowlands’, you won’t be disappointed!!



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