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Chris Caffery – Jester’s Court Review

Released by: Metalville

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Power Metal




Chris Caffery – lead vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, saxophone

Nick Douglas – bass guitar

Paul LaPlaca – keyboards, guitar

John Macaluso – drums


Track Listing:

01. Upon the Knee

02. 1989

03. Lost Tonight

04. Magic Man

05. Protect My Soul

06. Inside My Heart

07. Luna Major

08. Watch

09. The Feeling of A White Lie

10. Checkmate

11. The Jester’s Court

12. Baby You And I


Chris Caffery is an artist that’s name is synonymous with top notch quality. His work with Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra alone puts him ahead of the game with most, but when you tack on his solo albums and other side projects you start to realize the depth of this man’s talent. Known mostly for his brilliant guitar work, Caffery is also a great singer, songwriter, and can play the saxophone as well. I’m far more familiar with him from Savatage, but despite it being a while since spinning much of it, I am also quite a fan of his solo albums. His latest, Jester’s Court, is a cut above his previous solo albums.

From the opener “Upon the Knee” to “Baby You and I” closing the album on a pretty note, it’s a solid album through and through. With the usual rockers reminiscent of his days with Savatage with a harder edge like “Upon the Knee,” “Magic Man,” and “1989” are interspersed with slower stuff like “Baby You and I” as well stuff like “Protect My Soul” that hearkens to his TSO style, though less orchestral and more inspirational. My favorite track is the dark and melodic “Lost Tonight,” because it features some of his best guitar playing and I love the vocal hook. Plus it’s very easy to hear this as a possible Sava-song. Chris’ voice is an odd mix of Oliva meets Hansi Kursch and it works spectacularly. I also love the Paul O’Neil tribute track “Inside My Heart.”

There really isn’t a bad song on Jester’s Court, and Caffery is sounding better than ever. I’ll have to revisit some of his earlier solo stuff again, but I feel very strongly that this is his best album yet. Caffery has stepped up his game in every facet with this album from his playing, singing, and writing. It is easily his most consistent album writing-wise as well as performance. If you’ve ever been a fan this is one well worth getting ahold of. I dug it from the first spin, but the more listens it gets the more I come to appreciate it.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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