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Cauldron – New Gods Review

Released by: Dissonance Records

Release date:  Out Now

Genre: Metal

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Jason Decay – bass guitar, lead vocals

Ian Chains – lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals

Myles Deck – drums, percussion and backing vocals



01. Prisoner of the Past

02. Letting Go

03. No Longer

04. Save the Truth – Syracuse

05. Never Be Found

06. Drown

07. Together as None

08. Isolation

09. Last Request


There has been a resurgence in the music world of bands creating music that has a very distinct old school sound and feel to it, with heavy leanings towards the whole NWOBHM sound. I for one am thankful for this because I think that there were so many great bands that came out of that time period that helped to shape and mold the sound of Metal. I see these bands as raising their horns in salute to this genre and taking it into new directions. One band that I’m only recently starting to check out is called Cauldron from Toronto, Ontario. They’ve been around a little over a decade now and are starting to really hone in on the perfect sound.

With their fifth release New Gods, the band have taken their take on the NWOBHM sound and given it a more melodic feel. Much like Ghost (a band I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of) Cauldron has tapped into that wonderful Blue Oyster Cult groove and made it a bit more metal (whereas Ghost seems to be more into camping it up.) Personally, I’d rather Cauldron be getting more recognition for what they’re doing because they’re doing it without couching it within an easy gimmick. They don’t have to satan up their songs or image, they’re strictly in it for the music. With fantastic tracks like “Save the Truth (Syracuse),” “Prisoner of the Past,” and “Together As None” they have developed the songwriting skills that give them the perfect mix of melodic rock while keeping it Metal.

I’d love to see people give Cauldron a chance and propel them into the stratosphere of superstardom because they’re making some killer tunes without any pretence, keeping it accessible while still having tons of riffs. I’m glad I stumbled onto this band recently. They have a great deal of potential, and talent to take them to the top. Cauldron’s New Gods is an amazing album and very possibly could be close to my Top spot for the year.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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