TUNING Are Set To Release ‘Hanging Thread’

TUNING release their blitzing hardcore album ‘Hanging Thread‘ on 29th March via Swell Creek Records.

“Tuning have taken the “standard” hardcore template and stamped their own identity onto it and made a great album in the process”  –
Mass Movement

TUNING from San Francisco´s Bay Area deliver a sneaky mix of melodic-emotional hardcore punk that’s influenced by the classic Orange County- and D.C. sound, with a pinch of NY and Boston Hardcore. Their lyrics centers around being human and to act kind. 

TUNING is damn fast, aggressive and energetic, but emotional and melodic, their songs sounds fresh and unspent even if you can recognize influences from bands like Verbal Assault, Endpoint, Dag Nasty, Comeback Kid or Suppression Swing. Before they started TUNING the band members played in bands like Dead Hearts, Halfmast, Modern Problems, Until Your Heart Stops, First To Leave, Dying For It and Spirits.

Band members: Matt, Murtaza, Adrian, Ben, Jeremy 


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