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MEMORIAM ‘Requiem For Mankind’ Review

Released by Nuclear Blast Records

Release date: Out Now

Genre : Death Metal



  1. Shell Shock
  2. Undefeated
  3. Never The Victim
  4. Austerity Kills
  5. In The Midst Of Desolation
  6. Refuse To be Led
  7. The Veteran
  8. Requiem For Mankind
  9. Fixed Bayonets
  10. Interment


  • Karl Willetts – Vocals
  • Scott Fairfax – Guitar
  • Frank Healy – Bass
  • Andrew Whale – Drums

Memoriam is a British death metal band formed in 2016 and “Requiem For A Mankind” is their third album in three years of activity. In reality, the band was formed by the combination of members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction. The old school death metal sound of the band takes elements from their origins,even if in the previous records, they have experimented various music styles in order to return to a classic one. The new group of Karl Willetts takes no time off from creating new music and this could give the impression that there could be no evolution in their compositions and their sound. Although this could be true in most cases, it seems that there is an exception for what Memoriam is concerned.

The third release of the group is a blend of the heaviness of “The Silent Vigil” and the emotional disorder of their debut album in an effort to make progress in songwriting. Moreover, the presence of melodic parts in a rough death metal sound has given birth to the most inspired and complete studio work of the band to this day. The pure death metal opener “Shell Shock” gives the right dark, oppressive and aggressive atmosphere of the genre. On the other hand, there are some exceptional mid tempo compositions like the title track and “In The Midst Of Desolation” which keep the interest of the listener at high levels for what comes next. There are also great guitar works on most of the songs that is particularly evident with “Never The Victim”, a song that could be defined as the highlight of the album.

Even though there is no originality or innovation in this record, there is a clear tendency of Memoriam to give more passion and energy to their attempt to improve themselves with every new release. Obviously, the group have reordered their thoughts and they have tried to make a more solid album that could show their real talent in music and it seems they have succeeded.  A great production by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Amorphis) has brought this record to the next level, contributing to the professional improvement of Memoriam. Maybe it was time that the band had showed some great progress and a real reason to exist in music business. “Requiem For Mankind” is not the masterpiece of the year but it could be the base for even better music in the future from the English death metal band.

Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer

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