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Lacrimas Profundere – Bleeding The Stars Review

Released by Steamhammer/Oblivion/SPV

Release date : July 26th , 2019

Genre : Gothic Metal/Rock, Death Doom Metal


Line Up:

Jullian Larre – Vocals

Oliver Schmid – Guitars, Bass, Keyboard

Dominik Scholz – Drums



1. I Knew And Will Forever Know

2. Celestite Woman

3. The Kingdom Solicitude

4. Mother Of Doom

5. Father Of Fate

6. Like Screams In Empty Halls

7. The Reaper

8. After All Those Infinities

9. A Sip Of Multiverse

10. A Sleeping Throne


German Gothic metal act Lacrimas Profundere was formed a quarter of a century ago and they are about to release their twelfth studio album. They have been through many lineup changes during their music career with the intention of introducing new elements to the band, but also preserving some of the older ones.

Originally a death-doom turned into a Gothic metal band, they have simplified their style into a more mainstream one with their latest albums. The only constant member of the group is the multi-instrumentalist Oliver Schmid and the spectacular comeback of the German band three years after “Hope Is Here” is entitled “Bleeding The Stars”.

The opening track “I Knew And Will Forever Know” flows into gothic metal waters with their old doom style still present and gives the occasion to the new frontman Jullian Larre to show his impressive vocal abilities. Although being in a deep mournful mood, this song finds a way to show the band in an energized phase. The vibe changes completely with “Celestite Woman”, an upbeat goth ‘n’ roll tune, with a pumping bassline and HIM-like vocal harmonies, which lead to the extraordinary “The Kingdom Solicitude”.

This is a combination of Finnish-style melodic death with a sensible Gothic rock atmosphere which leads to an emotional, powerful result with heavy guitars and harsh vocals in the chorus. The following classic gothic rock song “Mother Of Doom” gives a more melancholic vibe to the album, which is emphasized by the exceptional work on the drums by Dominik Scholz and the amazing vocal range of Larre. The rhythm gets faster with “Father Of Fate”, a pure Gothic metal song with exceptional keyboards in the background. The following obscure track “Like Screams In Empty Halls” gives a more creepy mood to the record and the tension increases by the addition of harsh vocals at the key moments. It’s a very catchy song with a lot of black elements and many Behemoth similarities. After a classic Gothic rock and a slower song like “The Reaper”, “After All Those Infinities” goes back to the faster pace and to some interesting piano melodies that keep company to the incredible vocalist. “A Sip Of Multiverse” gives the chance to Oliver Schmid for an impressive guitar bridge and the record ends with “A Sleeping Throne”, a doom haunting tune with a heavier sound than the actual style of the band. As the last notes of the album fade away, the listener is filled by a variety of emotions caused by the diversity of sound of “Bleeding The Stars”.

Lacrimas Profundere trio has created an impressive collection of sounds in a compact album, maybe their most complete release up to date.


Ratings: 8/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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