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BillyBio – Feed The Fire review

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release date: Out Now

Band members:-

Billy Graziadei, – Vocals/Guitars,
Dan Palmer, – Additional Lead Guitar,
Simo Perini, – Drums,
Ra Diaz, – Bass,

Tracklisting :-

1) Freedom’s Never Free
2) Feed The Fire
3) No Apologies, No Regrets
4) Generation Z
5) Sick And Tired
6) Remedy
7) Sodality
8) Rise And Slay
10) Trepidation
11) Untruth
12) Enemy
13) Disaffected World

BillyBio is the working title for the latest project from the ever-productive Billy Graziadei. The Brooklyn bruiser has been bashing his way through the hardcore scene for over thirty years and among his notable projects fall, Biohazard and Powerflo, with Sen Dog from Cypress Hill. The black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu shows no signs of slowing down and this album is every bit as tough and uncompromising, but bustling with a restless energy you would expect from this passionate social commentator.

‘Freedoms Never Free’ kicks us off by smashing into a rapid hardcore riff and early-Biohazard style backing vocals, whilst BillyBio spits his vitriolic libertarian rant. ‘Rise And Slay’ the first single has a 360 live video released showing all angles of the BillyBio pit, sweaty and ferocious and was released as a prelude to the album. The full music video for ‘Feed The Fire’ was released shortly after. Which is a perfect little anthem, and second single, with all the elements that make a great hardcore song. A catchy riff with intelligent and not overblown, melodic solo. Kicking rhythm section. And above all, a sing-along chorus to satisfy the inner vigilante arsonist in us all.

The highlights continue on tunes such as, third single, ‘Enemy’, already with reference to a future collaboration on Powerflo, is a straight out punk tune with a very philosophical lyric. There is little to fault on this album and a lot to praise. It sounds sharp and original, exploding with riffs and full of engaging that songs that continue the themes encountered in coping with modern day life, appreciating where you came from and never judging yourself or anyone else too harshly. Unless, you happen to be an authority or government figure.

There are a couple of tracks on here that feel as though Graziadei has missed his calling as a drill sergeant or PT instructor. He’s probably as fit as one. However, on ‘STFU’, ‘Sick And Tired’ and ‘Sodality’, there are varying degrees of motivational therapy. If the subject is not about believing in yourself through all trials and tribulations, it’s about kicking your ass until you do.

There is plenty to celebrate about this album. It is chock full of well-crafted energetic slices of hardcore punk heaven. There are plenty of classic ripping riffs, mixing with the solos. Fortunately, this material bears no relation to what Billy Graziadei is making with his other major projects, it sounds fresh and not forced, as if he needed this vehicle, just to bust out more songs. And so, this is a refreshing slab of tunes that grab you by the balls and squeeze until they crunch. There are a couple of interludes, ‘Remedy’ and ‘Trepidation’, that give a break from the riffing but these are placed neatly into the structure of the album. It’s only 37 minutes long but that could just about be the perfect length to keep you on point.

On ‘Feed The Fire’, BillyBio has realised his need to unleash more punk-driven tunes than the Biohazard sound. I would imagine after a successful set of tours to Europe, it won’t be long before I will be talking about yet another album from Mr. Graziadei. Does this man ever rest?

Score: 8 out of 10

Reviewed by: Stefan Putwain

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