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Killer V [Vicky Psarakis] and Rob The Ripper [Robby J. Fonts] of Sicksense on New EP Kings Today – It’s a Reflection of Society and What Everyone is Going Through!


Interview by Robert Cavuoto


Sicksense is the husband and wife duo of Killer V [Vicky Psarakis] from The Agonist and Rob The Ripper [Robby J. Fonts] from Stuck Mojo. They joined forces and released their first EP, Kings Today, on April 22nd.

Having both performed a range of styles in numerous heavy bands, the couple wanted to return to a genre that’s close to their hearts but also make music that is specifically written for two vocalists. Sicksense was born out of the band’s desire to share their upbeat and fun messages with the world. Written with dual vocal interplay from a male / female perspective, their performance reflects a personal and fun side of them as people but also tackles social and societal issues in the world today. Backed by guitarist Breakdown Bran [Bran Panic], drummer The Trve Cody Taylor [Cody Taylor], and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS [Samuel Bedard].

All the songs on Kings Today yield a powerful combination of crunchy guitar riffs, driving bass, growling vocals, fast raps, and melodic choruses. The CD is a testament to their rebellious spirits, which drive these finely crafted songs. Kings Today is now available for pre-order here:

I had the pleasure of speaking with Vicky and Robby to discuss the creation of Kings Today, working as a couple on new music, injecting some fun elements into the band, and the importance of delivering music with a positive message. Please be sure to follow My Global Mind on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.




Hard-hitting and melodic; pissed off and groovy; energetic and catchy: upon first listen, it is clear that Sicksense is all of these things. The band – comprised of vocalists Killer V (Vicky Psarakis) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts), guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor) and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS (Samuel Bedard) – announce their debut 5-song EP Kings Today that is scheduled for release on April 22nd. From the opening riffs of “Kings Today” to the closing growls of “Heart Of Stone,” Sicksense is dedicated to their mission of making fans bounce and sing their hearts out through thought-provoking lyrics, rage-fueled raps and powerful melodies, supported with low-tuned stomping nu-metal riffs and grooves. Kings Today was recorded, mixed & mastered by Christian Donaldson and the artwork for the EP was created by Aleksandra Panic.
The tracklisting for Kings Today is:
1. Kings Today
2. Forgotten Days
3. Make Believe
4. Soul Snatcher
5. Heart Of Stone
Following the release of the video for “Make Believe,” Sicksense is releasing the music video for their latest single – the EP title track “Kings Today.” The song and video serve as a fun and hard-hitting introduction to the band and is an exciting taste of what can be expected from the EP. Directed by Chris Kells, who is also the bassist from The Agonist, the concept of a visual food fight was one he’d been wanting to create for some time, and ‘Kings Today’ turned out to be the perfect fit. The video for “Kings Today” can be seen here:
“The song is about moving forward together by having a willingness to understand others and that it’s okay to disagree and challenge ideas. At the end of the day, I believe we’re all more alike as people than we are different. The music is dark and moody and sets a serious tone, which creates a beautiful visual contrast with the food flying everywhere and us yelling at each other,” explains Killer V. “Plus, we got a cool bear sitting at the dinner table with us.”


Sicksense is:
Killer V – Vocals/Keys
Rob The Ripper – Vocals
Breakdown Bran – Guitars
Spot-On Sam/SOS – Bass
The Trve Cody Taylor – Drums
Sicksense online:


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