Black Stone Cherry and Ayron Jones Smash Into Huntsville’s Shagnastys Grubbery & Pour House on April 21st, 2022

Black Stone Cherry and Ayron Jones Smash Into Huntsville's Shagnastys Grubbery & Pour House on April 21st, 2022...


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We are nearing the beginning days of summer here in the South, and as the muggy wave of heat steamrolls through its course and into our everyday living, we are finally beginning to see an uptick in concert rock tours and more fans coming back out to the shows. I guess you could argue that it never truly left, it just slowed down while we worked our way through the difficult last couple of years it has been for all. Maybe we can get some sort of normalcy back in our lives. What’s a great Thursday night without some great Rock infused in your life? Gotta have it.

The local rock station The Rocket 95.1 sponsored this following gig with headliners everybody’s favorite Kentucky Southern Hard Rockers, Black Stone Cherry, as they once more come to Huntsville to rock their faces off. It was just earlier in the week that we told you about their new release Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y’All On June 24 Via our friends on Mascot Records. While last time they were here a few years ago, they played as Sidetracks Music Hall, this time things shift over to Shagnasty’s Grubbery & Pour House. Simila venue in terms of size with a little room to breathe with an open patio deck in the back never ceases to amaze me how bands like BSC can play small venues and hit arena tours. You go get a sense of tightness when they do shows like these, and you have the added benefit of witnessing a freaking great live band in the flesh. What a great night it became.

But first proving that one headliner is not enough, we also get the very talented and gritty and dirty sounds of newcomer Ayron Jones. The Seattle product has been trail-blazing through the music scene with its patented gritty, dirty, Hendrix/Grunge-influenced Rock sound with impunity. I have to say while not having covered his band before for the mag, this was truly an enjoyable ride to witness them perform live for the first time. Truly impressed with his subtle way of playing, the band around him is firm and their sound is instantly their own.

They open the night with frantic yet subtle “Boys from the Puget Sound”, a great way to introduce the brand to new fans of their sound. We get to witness “Supercharged” and here is where you can feel the new influences and old as Ayron keeps things flowing with its addictive chorus and tight rhythm and bass section. Another hot track comes via “Killing Season”, where the drums resonate very dominantly. Another impactful soulful track comes via “Baptized in Muddy Waters”, and “My Love Remains” just hit you in the face with straight-up razor emotion and blissful words.

Finally, he ends the night with the excellent “Take My Away” as he does his best Hendrix meets the modern age nitty and gritty version of this excellent song. What a way to welcome BSC, a great opener and one that we look forward to covering for many years to come. You already know, highly recommended to check out Ayron Jones!!!

Black Stone Cherry are no strangers to bringing it live, they remain consistently one of the best live Rock bands in the world, they just don’t disappoint. These smaller size venues are truly a great way to get to know the band if you have never seen them live. Chris Robertson is a terrific guitar player with plenty of soul and firepower to boot. Between himself and the frantic aerials of axeman Ben Wells, it has been a winning energetic combination for years. You add the terrific fledge pounding of stalhorse drummer John Fred Young and you have a full pledge winning combination.

They start the night with the captivating sounds of “Me and Mary Jane”, a sure firestarter at any BSC gig. Was looking forward to hearing “Ringin’ In My Head”, and true to their live euphoric energy, it sounds bloody fantastic!!! The guitar solos in this one are an epic blend of the symphonious divine. When you hit “Evil” and the crowd favorite of “Cheaper to Drink Alone” you have a complete Thursday night party, the crowd is hitting on all levels. Towards the end of the set, we hear another pleaser in “Blame It On The Boom Boom” as the hits keep coming. Another thing to note is the band’s new bass player Steve Sewell Jr, who comes in replacing long-time bass player John Lawhon, who has taken a permanent hiatus from music in general. I will admit that bass did not miss a beat, as Steve comes in and provides some power, and with his animated charisma, you have a competent replacement.

This Thursday night ends with a magnificent way to supercharge yourself into what looks to be a dynamite-laden summer of finally rocking we all used to before the pandemic days. It was good to see the locals and the ones who made the trek to Huntsville for this one, look forward to many more to come. Meanwhile don’t forget to check out Ayron Jones on tour, you won’t be let down trust me. And if you want more details on the new live release from BSC, check our post from earlier in the week here. All hail RocknRoll’, let the summer begin and music never stop!!!

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