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The Dead Daisies – the Aussie, English & USA foursome, a project, phenomena, music business or band of joy, never mind how we name them because it will always be just labelling. Their music speaks out for itself. Every single appearance on stage exerts an enormous impact on all those young and old alike around the globe, releasing a burning level of unforgotten emotions.

As a four-piece traditional rock band now, flavoured with the unique personal charm of each member, they successfully ride like thunder through the heavy music event horizon, making The Dead Daisies a household name worldwide.

The combo has recently drawn our attention with their last album Holy Ground and the follow-up US and UK tours in 2021.

And it looks like their musical journey is not yet finished and becomes more and more exciting.

When the other big groups were in hibernation mode caused by the pandemic, TDD decided to reach out because they are truly rock souls. They know the rock is the live music experience, kinda’ rodeo we can not replace with any live stream projects. TDD’s rock icons, Aldrich and Hughes are masters of creating the closeness of inter mutual feeling within the crowd, and they are performing off the crowd’s energy as well.

Some may say, their last rather small capacity venue concerts do not fill the mighty shoes of rock business which likes huge concerts to do its thing. But those shows might serve a dual purpose by sending a message to the more significant promoters whilst building new connections among rock fans, should any larger and full capacity venue openings follow.

In return, fans give them spontaneous responses by streaming away, downloading and buying TDD’s music. Having the extra-terrestrial approach to the rock admirers, The Dead Daisies are evolving to the new level of the Rock’n’Roll dimension.

The Daisies Messengers delivered so much vital energy and emotional, live contact in those spooky times. Doug Aldrich, Glenn Hughes, David Lowy and Tommy Clufetos became the rock preachers of the new era. They let the people catch a second breath in the world of uncertain tomorrow. Daisies’ shows are technically outrageous, the impact of fresh rolling sound and confident hard rock groove striking with the pure emotional simple message – rock out!

The stage set and charismatic frontman in the person of ex-Deep Purple boy Glenn Hughes, create an unforgettable drawing much attention climate of the magical seventies based on the extra-terrestrial sound technology. The humungous Daisies Rock movement craves freedom, peace and love for everyone. Let’s have some fun!

Their last four-track live release is so damn good. Long Way To Go with no lyrics update needed, and its new video jacket perfectly tells the current world murky situation story. And Glenn’s vocal brings it all together. The next new video track is BURN, a cover of Deep Purple concert opener of the mid-seventies with an exceptional vocal injection, and the blazing guitar from Doug Aldrich blows out very well.

The other two clips, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Bustle And Flow’ from the album ‘Holy Ground’ take us on an electric journey filled with the emotions of rock’n’roll rebellion and let us run away from the dark clouds of tomorrow.

E.P. details can be accessed below:

TDD’s sound engineer Tommy Dimitroff captured those four songs progressively outrageous. The audio tracks he used for the videos were recorded at Rock City, Nottingham show which was the part of Line No Other UK 2021 Tour. The massive live sound wave spaces out incredibly good and hammer-hits the far end of our music room.

The band is spreading the word around the music is not leaving town. The Dead Daisies messengers rule, and the classic rock is born again. Black Raven is guarding the Purple stories of the Holy Ground of The Dead Daisies rock. Let’s get together and rock! Guitar riffing from Doug Aldrich rips lungs apart, and David Lowy attacks with the consistency of a machine gun. The live tone is so fantastic. And the power of Glenn’s bassline sounds so massive and carries his Hall Of Fame and funky, bluesy twisted Voice Of Rock on the thunder of explosion. Despite hard times, they have rocked out pretty well.

Dynamically announced their new studio album, which is due to release later this August, is already finished. They were recording in New York and LA studios and taking advantage of the genius of their producer Ben Grosse again. Embracing everything together for mixing, Ben will be carrying the load of the final album construction as always.

The scorchy and vibrating spirits of all decades of rock music are all there. The band is not saying much about the new record, but the vibes speak for them. Excitement, joy and rock’n’roll spirit are flying around. The Daisies Boys are proud of what they did, so sure it will not be just another mediocrity.

Some more of Doug’s 1973 black Les Paul Custom that has been out of use since his Whitesnake days and 1956 Les Paul Junior, and possibly some Stratocaster playing should raise the tension.

And their re-joining member, Brian Tichy on the drums ex-Whitesnake, Foreigner and Ozzy Osbourne to remind the best ones, delivers his fresh-blood drumming and gives his ground-breaking energy a go. He started his TDD journey on their USA Uproar tour in 2013 and strongly empowered the band and the orchestra during their legendary Polish-based magical Woodstock Festival 2017. He also performed on the ‘Revolución’ and ‘Make Some Noise’ albums. Brian, like a booster, brings back exceptional memories and his fresh excitement of being in a band together again.

The band arrived in Hamburg on 23rd May. They started rehearsing the next day. The vibes, jamming and the climate are fantastic. They love being back in Europe and going to deliver massive rock revenge at those murky times.

We wish them luck and lots of fun on their Summer European Tour 2022. The boys are ready to Burn the stage down and blow the European roof off.

They are true messengers of rock, coming up with the new fresh sound and concert ideas and dynamics. We better wake up and be ready for the impact of their rock’n’roll wave of emotional freedom.

Hit the road and have some fun with The Dead Daisies Summer Tour 2022 and be, as Doug says ‘more human in these crazy times.

Summer Tour Details

5 BUDERUS ARENA Wetzlar DE* tickets
8 ZITADELLE SPANDAU Berlin DE* tickets
10 FREILICHTBÜHNE PEIßNITZinsel Halle (saale) DE* tickets
11 Muziekcentrum De Bosuil Weert NL Tickets
13 Matrix Bochum DE tickets
14 Hirsch Nuremberg DE tickets
16 SCHLOSSGARTEN / SCHLOSS Bruchsal DE* tickets
18 Hellfest Clisson FR tickets
19 Graspop FESTIVAL Dessel BE tickets
27 Zenith Munich DE^ tickets
29 Conrad Sohm Dornbirn AT tickets
30 Komma Woergl AT tickets
2 Fabrique Milan IT tickets
6 SRC Tašmajdan Belgrade RSº tickets
8 Masters Of Rock Vizovice CZ tickets
9 Hype Park Kraków PL tickets
11 BUDAPEST ARENA Budapest HU^ tickets
12 Dvorana Stožice Ljubljana SI^ tickets
15 Faliro Olympic Indoor Hall Athens GR^ tickets
17 Midalidare Rock Mogilovo BG^ tickets
18 Arenele Romane Bucharest RO^ tickets
19 Skenderija Sarajevo BAº tickets
26 THEATRE ANTIQUE Vienne FR^ tickets
27 Z7 Pratteln CH tickets
28 Substage Karlsruhe DE tickets
31 Rudolf Weber Arena OBERHAUSEN DE^ tickets
More dates to be added!
* Foreigner Show
^ Judas Priest Show
º Whitesnake Show

They will play lots of their classics, songs from the last Holy Ground release, and some NEW 2022 material from the upcoming later this August, a new studio album.
The message is simple Long Live The Daisies Rock’N’Roll.

Their new studio single called ‘Radiance’ was released on 27th May 2022. But it is not just a single. It is a prophecy of The Dead Daisies’ new shape of things. Inevitably mysterious lightning had a real mysterious meeting with their guitars… and the RADIANCE remained within the crushing, ferocious guitar sound from Doug & David duo.

Glenn’s heavy vocal glides on the steel wings of the suppressed bass line like never before, completing their hardstyle emerging straight from the Birmingham underground rock scene of the seventies. You can’t just pass it by, go out and buy, stream away or steal it 🙂 but you must have it. There is no point running because The Dead Daisies’ new album is coming your way!

“Well, new music coming… we have a very unique and interesting song here called ‘Radiance’. Different than we have written before….It’s the first off our next album, so crank it up!” – Doug Aldrich

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