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“Badweather is a multi-genre collective/group, based in mostly Nashville. We create music such as R&B, rage, trap-metal, metal and more! As much as they are all artists and basically...


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We are happy to introduce Noah Hallen of the Murfreesboro/Nashville based collective Badweather Entertainment.

Today he debuted his future club hit single “BRAT! (feat. 2xbrooklyn)” from his newest release of the same name. The BRAT!-EP fully drops on September 1st.

Members of Badweather consists of Noah Hallen, Shyanne, Kandi Lake, EJ The Maker, Malak, Grizzy Grey, Leland, Jasten and more.

They all exhibit extreme talent and passion for their craft, with unforgettable live high-energy performances. They all pull inspiration from a variety of genres that heavily shape their collective sound into one that hits heavy from all directions. Badweather is known for playing packed house shows and rapping from rooftops to 200 people jumping and rapping their lyrics back at them from below while members are in the crowd get live with the scene. Imminent large-scale shows are in their future.


Badweather is a multi-genre collective/group, based in mostly Nashville. We create music such as R&B, rage, trap-metal, metal and more! As much as they are all artists and basically my co-workers, they are like family to me and it’s so nice to have a group of people who understand you and your talent.

 I love them.” 

Direct quote from Noah Hallen


The BRAT!-EP release is predicted to be successful, as the group has quickly grown to be a Nashville favorite in the trap-metal scene, and as their supercell floods other scenes they will continue to provide inspiration as the collective uplifts and supports other collectives. The outcome of such has produced god-tier collaborative and marketing efforts across multiple scenes.

Overall success for the group has quickly proved to follow Badweather like a raincloud of innovation as their storm begins. With each member producing hit after hit, these DIY-scene giants are destined for greatness and are helping pave the way for a more high-energy scene.

This release is meant to be listened to from start to finish, with definitive tracks like “BRAT! (feat. 2xbrooklyn)”, “FADE!”, and “PLASTIC!”,  all of which are guaranteed to all be club hits. Each track packs a punch, and each is crafted with love for producing work that has the potentiality to truly transform the trap-metal scene as a whole.


We were given a perfect response from Noah on his overall satisfaction with the his EP release.


There’s a lyric in this EP that I wanted to really put emphasis on-


 “I’m on the farm, they call me the goat, you know i’m living proof”


-I just wanted to take that moment of production to brag about how good I feel when I’m rapping, not necessarily calling myself the best, but it is something I tell myself to keep me pushing at my craft.”


-Noah Hallen, in regards to writing his featured single “BRAT!”


The Brat!-EP was produced in the home studios of Badweather members Landon, Reed, Nate, Jeremiah, and Jasten. Nate not only is invested in production, but also manages Kandi Lake and EJ The Maker. Their collaborative style of production defines the sound that Badweather has developed over the years, and they do an exemplary job of showcasing everyone’s shared influences in the output of their creations. Their sound is redefining the trap-metal genre, and we look forward to seeing what this up and coming Nashville-based DIY collective brings next to the scene. We also look forward to watching how they continue to influence not only the DIY music scene, but also witness how they influence the corporate industry as well.

All members of Badweather, producers and artists and manager alike- share many explosive influences across a variety of genres. However, Noah Hallen has a specific shoutout to an artist dear to him that influenced his creation of the BRAT!-EP.


“My biggest musical inspiration is Rico Nasty! She has such a different electric sound and style! I can totally channel that (energy) when I am recording in the studio!”

— Noah Hallen on his biggest influence Rico Nasty


A storm was announced, and we are witnessing the beginning of it. One release at a time, Badweather is raining down nothing but absolute fire. With that, here is a rundown of the BRAT!-EP by Noah Hallen of Badweather collective.




Big Klit INTRO!


With a laugh from Big Klit, immediately we are greeted with a fierce introduction from featured artist Noah as he relays what we are about to experience listening to.

What follows after the fact are five trap-metal jams that make you want to hit the city with your friends and stay up until the sun rises. Which is just enough time to get ready to do the same thing again, with The BRAT!-EP still blaring from the night before.





It only makes sense that we see the rise of songs about plasticity, with Greta Gerwig’s recent success of The Barbie Movie. Noah Hallen’s second track “PLASTIC!” reminds us that not all of us are Barbie dolls, some of us are Bratz. Whichever doll franchise you align with- no doubt that dolls everywhere of all genders, sizes, and ethnicities will “shake it like gymnastics” when the EP drops on September 1st.




BRAT! (Feat. 2xbrooklyn)


Featured single “BRAT! (Feat. 2xbrooklyn)” brings high energy and confidence to the table, with powerful collaboration.

Noah and Brooklyn wrote a radio-worthy hit.

“BRAT! (Feat. 2xbrooklyn)” is a perfect example of what to expect when the full BRAT!-EP release drops on September 1st, while still leaving room for the other tracks to shine bright. 

This self-titled single from the BRAT-EP! is a perfect example of releasing a single from an EP or LP that can give an overall feel of your work, without overwhelming or underwhelming other tracks on your album. Noah Hallen, Badweather collective,and their colleagues not only made a banger of an EP- they provided a learning experience on how to drop an EP properly. This is to be expected, Noah does tell us in the single.


I’mma tell you bitch, right now it’s gonna go my way” 




“CHERRY!” is absolutely one of those songs that you wish was longer. It’s absolutely meant to be remixed in a club setting.

We would love to hear an extended release, as the track also has the potential for an extended club mix or a full-on dub-remix.

Track 4 features filthy lyricism, brutal delivery, and an extremely catchy beat that’ll have you bumpin’ this track on loop and tearing it up heavy in the crowd all night.


Hey babe, do wanna rage?

Meet my slut in the mosh pit


The track ends with the revving of a Camaro, and it’s ready to go to the gig.






Oh my god, this beat is so-“ warps into space and Noah Hallen goes in hard with serious bars.

The production of this track is off the charts. 

This EP was well crafted with knowledgeable hands, and the production alone is absolute art in itself. Once again, Noah Halen’s delivery is sharp and on pointe. 

“TANTRUM!” will be a fun track to see performed live, and all members of Badweather each put on a hell of a performance together. They are known to perform high energy shows. The BRAT!-EP release show will be one for the books.





I’mma make you run my fade


Viciously, Noah Hallen screams heat and asserts himself with the opening of concluding track “FADE!”. This track resolved the BRAT!-EP with a bang, and is easily my personal favorite track on the release.

Noah Hallen too gave us a trap-metal hit. This track goes too hard, and is absolutely meant to be blasted loud with subwoofers on repeat.

As expected Noah Hallen of Badweather collective (Badweather ENT) brought us a category 5 hurricane. 

His flow is immaculate, and he shows a lot of promise in the future. The production of this EP is flawless. The output of this work is masterfully done. This release shows that independent bedroom producers put in just as much work, if not more, to create a brilliant end result.

Noah Hallen crafted absolute bangers, and gifted listeners with a high energy performance while blowing the crowd a kiss and throwing up a middle finger. Remember to pre-save the EP on whatever streaming platform you prefer.

The BRAT!-EP is another great addition to the excellent work these young up and coming artists, producers, and influencers have to offer.

Noah Hallen highlights the group with fierce tenacity and not only will make waves in the trap-metal community, but also the DIY-fashion community as well. 

We would give this EP an 8.5/10.

There is nothing but room to grow, and we expect to see Noah Hallen and all members of Badweather Entertainment to continue releasing wave-making material.


Noah Hallen’s manager can be reached at [email protected]


Noah Hallen’s personal links can be found at the following link: 



Instagram links for all producers of the BRAT!-EP:

Landon @okgeneriic (he/him)

Reed @reedbeatz (he/him) 

Jasten @gttcily (he/him) 

Nate @nate3rythm (he/him)

Jeremiah @hollywoodprod (he/him)


Instagram links for all members of Badweather Entertainment: 

Shyanne @shyannemusic (she/her)

Malak @malakosli (he/him)

Grizzy Grey @grizzy.grey (he/him)

Kandi Lake @kandi_lake_ (he/him)

EJ the Maker @ejthemaker (he/him)

Leland @colourblue.leland (he/him)

Jasten @gttcily (he/him)


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