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Combichrist – This Is Where Death Begins review

What can I say except his voice and speaking tone totally creeps me out whilst making me cringe all at the same time. I don’t understand? Why? When he is screaming then it’s great and makes sense but when he is speaking, I can see Andy LaPlegua in make-up looking like the Ringmaster of a victorian freak show.

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Dare – Sacred Ground review

‘Sacred Ground’ could well be the very best ‘Dare’ album to date it is that good from the songwriting , production to the delivery everything about this album is immaculate. So stand up and take a bow guys you have done yourselves proud, an outstanding album which will stand the test of time and still be a monster \m/\m/.

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High as The Pines is possibly the most original sounding track on this album, there’s quite a lot going on here for a song which is not overly long. Lyrically superb, Darren King pulls off an amazing bass groove, the drumming sounds isolated in places and a classic guitar riff brings it to an abrupt end – musical perfection.