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Forever Never – Speak Up EP review

Released by: Code 7
Genre: Melodic Metal
Release date: 26 August 2016
Line up:
Renny Carroll – Vocals,
Mitch Witham – Bass,
George Lennox – Guitar,
Frank Ransom – Guitar,
Sam Curtis – Drums,
2.We Won’t Save the World
3.Never Giving Up
4.Living a Lie
6.One Life
7.Speak Up

The Essex Melodic metal boys are back with a bang. After a hiatus that, although was brief compared to some, seemed far too long for the FN Family of devoted fans Forever Never have come back with a spanking EP. Speak Up is what you’d expect from Forever Never, with huge riffs and melodies that put most to shame, plus lead singer Renny Carroll’s warm vocal tones singing each word with believable emotion.

OK it’s not Aporia, nor even their self-titled second album, but thankfully its nothing like I can’t Believe it’s not Metal. Speak up is Forever Never back on the right road, where they belong. Starting with Intro, well it makes a change from track one, you are almost disappointed as it appears they have lost their way and are playing with all the toys possible in the studio. Luckily the small diversion is short lived and we soon back on the right track with We Won’t Save The World. Written two days before the terrorist attacks in Paris last year, this song is all about compassion and love. 

Never Giving Up is the first single released from this EP, and will be recognisable to listeners of a certain radio station, after staying in the stations rock chart for 9 weeks.

With the second single released from this EP following straight on with Living a Lie. This song is filled with emotion, before getting really heavy for FN with Pray. The EP closes with One life and the title track Speak Up! One life is Forever Never returning fully back to their trademark sound, with some nice easy crowd participation lines for live shows. Speak Up! finishes the EP nicely, with more clean, emotion filled lyrics from Renny, and foot tapping metal from the rest of the boys.

This isn’t their best music, but darn it is close. Welcome back lads!

SCORE 8/10

Reviewed by Kalli Isborne


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