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Crashdiet and JettBlack at O2 Academy, Islington, April 27 2013

Lead singer Simon Cruz now holds the record for the recording the 2 albums with the band, who lost Dave Lepard (RIS) after the stunning debut and Oliver Twisted who changed his name and went back to his now very successful band Reckless Love

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Shakra, Maxxwell Concert Review

With their new album “Powerplay”, Shakra reached number one of the Swiss album charts. With this successful record in baggage, the band hits the road to rock the stages in Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and Austria. The “Powerplay-Tour” started on March 8th, 2013 in Berlin and I was there!

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Death Angel/Threat Signal/Bonded By Blood/Wretched/Potential Threat/SkinKage: The Ultra Violence Tour 2012 Concert Review

They went straight into The Ultra Violence album. These songs bring back so many great memories from back in the day for me. This was one of my favorite tapes when I was in high school, and remains one of my favorites to this day. We had already decided we would see this show, but when we saw they were playing this album all the way through it clinched it for us

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Steve Vai: The Story of Light Tour Concert Review

So after two and a half hours of some of the most breath taking guitar pyrotechnics I’ve likely ever seen, he humbly thanks the audience for coming out and hoped they enjoyed it and that was the end of that. I don’t know that I would necessarily say this was the greatest concert I’ve ever been to, but it was pretty damn incredible.

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Def Leppard, Poison, Lita Ford: Rock of Ages Tour Concert Review

Ending the night was Def Leppard. I had warned Kim and AJ prior that the last time I saw them they put on a great show, but Joe’s voice just wasn’t hitting it. I was hoping that since they took a week or so break that it would be enough to refresh his vocals. Well guess what? Something happened because he sounded fantastic.

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Kiss and Motley Crue Concert Review

Perhaps lowering my expectations made the show better, but I’m going with the fact that the entire show was simply fantastic and leave it at that. Was it the greatest KISS show I’ve ever seen? Not a chance! But it was far from the worst. I don’t foresee me stopping wearing my Ace shirt to the Monster tour that will likely be coming around after October when the new album drops

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Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper Concert Review

Holy shit they played “Phantom of the Opera!!” Out of all the classic Maiden tracks I anticipated hearing, this was one track I had not considered. And despite not hearing “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” it was the moment that I literally lost my mind. I had contemplated about the possibility that this concert could possibly be the greatest show I’ve ever seen.

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Get The Led Out: The American Led Zeppelin Concert Review

All of that aside, if Get The Led Out comes to your area you’ve got to check them out. Since Bonham is dead and Plant can no longer hit those notes, this is as close as we’re going to get to hearing these wonderful songs live.