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Los Angeles – Neverland

Released by Frontiers Records – 2009

Review Added November 17, 2009

· Running Time: 50:38
· Release Date: December 04, 2009
· Musical Style: Hard Rock/AOR
· Links:

1. Neverland**
2. Nothing to Hide
3. City of Angels**
4. Promises**
5. Wait For You**
6. Nowhere To Run**
7. Tonight Tonight
8. Higher Love**
9. Living Inside
10. Welcome To My Life
11. Paradise**
Hot Tracks**

*Michele Luppi – vocal
*Fabrizio Grossi – bass
*Tony “AJ” Morra – drums
*Eric Ragno – keyboard
*Tommy Denander – guitar
*Joey Sykes – guitar
*Roberto Priori – guitar

Keeping the chain rolling strong is Frontiers once again presenting another anticipated release to any fans of hard rock and traditional aor, the project Los Angeles with their second full studio album titled “Neverland”. The main attraction here is the very talented and amazing Italian singer Michele Luppi, best known for his time as the front man of the power progressive metal band Vision Divine. Joining Luppi is the talented musician and producer Fabrizio Grossi whose reputation is of the most highest regards throughout the rock world, here he lends his hand on bass. Any fan of power prog and fans of Vision Divine during Luppi’s tenure with the band will admittedly confirm that his voice is tremendous and is highly regarded amongst many fans and fellow musicians worldwide. Very few singers out there can hit the high notes like this gentleman can and even though the musical direction here is more traditional melodic rock and aor, his thundering voice delivers the goods once again.

The songwriting is a collaboration between Luppi and Grossi, with more contributions from Eric Ragno (China Blue), Joey Sykes (Hugo), Roberto Priori and ex Dokken axeman George Lynch (on “Nowhere to Run”). Songs like opener title track “Neverland” shoots Michel’s trademark spitfire vocals right through the heart of the song, with a nice touch of Lynch ripping a nice guitar solo to add a taste of dramatic flare. Luppi’s classic roots pays true homage to the aor greats the influence his music and it shows in full circle on the track “City of Angels”, with a nice soft undertone and trademark melodic rock guitar riff that any fan of the genre can appreciate. Is pretty amazing to see the transition from power metal with it’s deliberate upbeat tempo riffs to a more subtle traditional approach here for Luppi and how well it works, it’s really a testament to his superb voice and the quality musicians around him. “Nowhere To Hide” starts with a cool down tempo bass and keyboard rhythm which builds up the momentum perfectly with for a softer melodramatic subliminal sound as it peaks it’s way up for yet another quality power ballad. Some of the other highlights include the anthem-like sounds of “Higher Love” and the harmonious choruses of “Paradise”.

It seems like Michel Luppi can do no wrong as any project he has been involved in since he’s departure from Vision Divine has been strong efforts which paves way to showcase his amazing vocals. This project is no different, another top chart melodic rock record, highly amusing and another well done release in a year where we have seen many. I just wish for Luppi to keep making music as he is in place for a long career in this business and perhaps if he can consistently stay with a project such as Killing Touch, then perhaps we can all enjoy his terrific voice for many years. Recommended to all melodic rock fans!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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