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Titanic – Maiden Voyage (Collector’s Edition)

Released by Retroactive Records – 2010

Review Added April 28, 2010

Genre: Heavy Metal
Running Time: 32:14
Produced By: Bill Menchen

1. Nightmare**
2. You’ve Got Nothing On Me**
3. Gods of War
4. And the Dead Shall Rise
5. Ocean of Blood
6. Hollywood Blvd
7. I Don’t Believe
8. Fight Back**
9. I Am Watching You
10. Freakshow
Hot Tracks**

Simon Tyler – Lead Vocals
Bill Menchen – Guitars
Ray Kilsdonk – Bass
Robert Sweet – Drums

The history of Titanic can be traced back to the late eighties when the duo of guitarist Bill Menchen and vocalist Keith Miles, who formed the outfit Final Axe and later released a well received 10 song demo entitled Beyond Hell’s Gate in 1989. A second project was started but scrapped when Final Axe was very short lived and was dismantled. Titanic finally came into existence in the mid nineties when Menchen and Miles reunited and recorded “Maiden Voyage“. Now Retroactive Records has re-issued this great classic featuring new artwork, the music has been remixed and remastered and drummer Robert Sweet (Stryper) provided real drums on this collector’s item.

The tone of the record comes full blast right away on the track opener “Nightmare” and you notice the drums here just extremely vibrant as Sweet’s noticeable sound comes alive. Leaving no rest for the weary are the spitfire hell storm lyrics in “You’ve Got Nothing On Me” where Tyler’s vocals take center stage. If you listen closely the the style of Simon Tyler is closely similar to a John Bush of Anthrax and Armored Salvation fame. The heavy metal melts from the razors edge on the ominous track “Hollywood Blvd” as the drums and heavy guitars play an impacting role. The insane riffs in “Fight Back” marks a highlight on “Maiden Voyage” as it’s revolt stance will get your blood going.

In the end the re-issue is a nice collector’s item if anything for the work that Robert Sweet does on drums as it’s very noticeable, it adds a nice thick flavor on every track. The remastered job is pretty spotless and any fan of the original will treasure this one. We would recommend “Maiden Voyage” for any fans of classic Thrash Heavy Metal and fans of the band of course.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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