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Black Bone Child – Alligator

Released by Self Promotion – 2010

Review Added April 28, 2010

Style: Blues Rock

1. Run Away
2. Be Your Man
3. You Oughta Know
4. Baby Baby
5. Little Bird
6. True Love Too Late
7. Turn It Up
8. Flames Are Warm
9. What I Know Ain’t Right
10. This Disease
11. Devil’s Teeth
Hot Tracks**

Donny James
Kenneth M
Jason King
Steve Hudson

There must be something in the water in Austin, Texas as every time I hear album from a band that resides there it blows me away. BLACK BONE CHILD is the latest group from there that I have heard and even though ALLIGATOR is their second full-length studio album, it is my first introduction to the band. The first thing that interested me about ALLIGATOR was just how strong the rhythm section on this album. BBC’s swampy blues rock sound reminds me at times of JOHN BUTLER and a little of the guitar stylings of Texan legend STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, mixed ever so slightly with the attitude and groove of KID ROCK. The slide guitar work on ALLIGATOR is a real highlight and they have managed to make an old sound seem fresh.

Being over here in Australia means I don’t really get to hear about bands like BBC, but apparently they are starting to work up a storm in America and now is the time to jump on. TURN IT UP and BE YOUR MAN are both songs that will stick in your brain well after listening and are my clear favorites on the album. I also enjoyed the lyrical aspect of most of the songs as they were well written and had enough little twists & turns to ensure I stayed interested.

Honestly, I cannot compliment these guys enough and it’s near criminal that they remain unsigned in an age where the general public is beginning to scream out for new and fresh music. Hopefully ALLIGATOR will help the band gain a bit more recognition and set them on the right path as I’d love to see them live one day if they ever come down my way.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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