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Shining Line – Shining Line

Released by Avenue Of Allies

Released On : May 14, 2010

Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR

Running Time : 75:00



1.Highway Of Love

2. Amy

3. Strong Enough

4. Heaven’s Paths (Instrumental)

5. Heart Of The Light

6. Can’t Stop The Rock

7. The Meaning Of My Lonely Words

8. The Infinity In Us

9. Still In Your Heart

10.Homeless’ Lullaby

11. Follow The Stars(European Bonus Track)

12. Unbreakable Wire

13. Under Silent Walls – Part I

Blossom: From Night To Dawn (Instruments)

14. Under Silent Walls – Part II


15. Under Silent Walls – Part III

Epilogue: Death Of Cupid (Instrumental)

It is certainly not a surprise to see a Melodic Rock/AOR All Star, seems like very year we get a few of these talented instrumentalist getting together with some great voices in the genre to create some sparkling material. Such is the case with Shining Line, an Italian based group consisting of 2 members Pierplao (drummer) and his bassist friend (Amos Monti). Adding flavor to the mix is the borrowed talents of vocalists such as Harry Hess, Robin Beck, Erik Martensson and Micheal Bormann amongst others. The comparisons come to mind because projects like Voices Of Rock and Worldstage shared it’s time in the limelight as many fans of the genre dug both of those records. The formula seems to work, the music is first and foremost played expertly and you wouldn’t think that any of these guys aren’t an actual everyday band because the music flows cohesively.

I was looking forward to hearing Harry Hess back in action since Harem Scarem called it quits, and to no one’s surprise he sounds great as his uncanny voice shines brightly in a laid back AOR piece titled “Amy”. Robbie Leblanc (Blanc Faces) lends his talent on “Strong Enough” as he hits the perfect pitch displaying what classic AOR/Melodic Rock should sound like. Nothing short of skillful musicianship displayed here and it does not fall short at all, 30 internationally renown musicians we’re invited to partake on this great project. Another notable mention is “The Meaning Of My Lonely Words” as this power ballad hits the spot with help from Michael Shotton on lead vocals. If you are fortunate enough to catch the European bonus track “Follow The Stars” you will pick up a gem indeed with the amazing vocals of Phil Vincent and Brunorock on “Unbreakeable Wire” warming up the night with a great performance side by side with a great Arena Rock guitar lick.

These projects have high expectations and the quality of the material is become rather high, being able to put great voices together on one bill feels like listening to a hits compilation of AOR and Melodic Rock which is fine by me. The Italian duo and the guest instrumentalists all do a job well done here and they play their parts very efficiently. Once again the vocalists featured here are the reason to pick this one up, great display of how a genre should be described, smooth and catchy melodies, high end vocals and heartfelt lyrics all jumbled into one big shining light. Any fan of the “Melodic” should dig this one up quickly or you’ll be missing one of the best releases of year.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys 9/10

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