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Kissin’ Dynamite – Addicted To Metal

Released by : AFM Records

Release Date (USA) on : June 15th, 2010

Genre: Heavy rock


Line Up

Vocals – Johannes Braun

Guitar – Andre Braun

Guitar – Jim Müller

Drums – Andreas Schnitzer

Bass – Steffen Haile

Track List:

01.. Addicted To Metal(feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 3:35

02.. Run For Your Life 3:51

03.. Supersonic Killer 4:19

04.. High Enough 4:33

05.. Love Me Hate Me 3:44

06.. Hysteria 4:35

07.. All Against All 4:13

08.. In The Name Of The Iron Fist 5:01

09.. Assassins Of Love 3:54

10.. Why Can’t You Hear Me 3:51

11.. We Want More 4:42

12.. Metal Nation 4:26

When KISSIN’ DYNAMITE appeared on the scene with their debut album STEEL OF SWABIA in 2008 the general consensus was that it was good, but the band were a bit raw, a bit young and needed a bit more maturing before they would release anything spectacular. Well, it’s only two years later, but holy moly they must have spent every waking second of that time honing their skills as this release ADDICTED TO METAL runs rings around the first album and is easily one of my favorite albums of the year across all genres. The band’s sound is still similar to the first album with their mix of classic heavy metal with some melodic rock and glam, but this time around everything has been done better and the style sounds much more natural.

ADDICTED TO METAL opens up the album and is the first single the band will release of it. It’s a great song and features a guest vocal spot by UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE is set to be a live favorite and is an interesting mix of IRON MAIDEN and WIGWAM, which now that I think of it, is actually a pretty good summation of the band’s overall style. SUPERSONIC KILLER is a kick-ass power metal inspired track that slams some awesome guitar down your throat and has a very, very catchy chorus. HIGH ENOUGH is a cover of the mega ballad originally done by eighties super group DAMN YANKEES, and I must say I like it more than the original and it’s probably my favorite track on the album. LOVE ME HATE ME sounds a little too much like the first song on the album riff-wise but is still an awesome song in its own right.

HYSTERIA features on of the most enjoyable choruses I’ve heard all year with a vocal like that keeps rising up and up and up. ALL AGAINST ALL sounds a lot like an epic power metal song and reminds me of RUNNING WILD and ANGRA. IN THE NAME OF IRON FIST is quickly gaining attention around the rock world and rightly so, what a monster of song. ASSASSINS OF LOVE slows the pace a little and features one of the big vocal highlights of the album. WHY CAN’T YOU HEAR ME sees the band back in ballad territory and will surely be the big ‘air lighter’ song in a live situation. WE WANT MORE is probably my least favorite song on offer, there’s nothing really wrong with it, just not quite as awesome as the rest. The album closes on METAL NATION, a great way to end an album and another lyric about the rock n roll lifestyle.

The scary part about KISSIN’ DYNAMITE is the fact that this is only their second album and the guys in the band are still all just in their early twenties. So if they are this good already, I mean really some bands try their whole career to write an album this good, imagine how good they could be with another few years experience up their sleeve. ADDICTED TO METAL is one of 2010’s essential purchases. GET. IT. NOW.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  10/10

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