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Mr. Scary – The World Can Wait

Released: Released Out Now!!!

Style: Melodic Rock



1. Heart & Soul 4:19

2. Everything Put Together 4:38

3. The World Can Wait 3:19

4. I’ll Always Be 5:32

5. Rachel 4:08

6. Let Me Rock 4:39

7. You Want It All 3:57

8. Some Kind of Crazy 3:56

9. Rose Coloured Glasses 3:52

10. 3 O’clock bonus 4:14

11. Everything 1990 5:02

The story of Mr. Scary begins way back in 1989 in New Zealand where the band’s first line-up came to fruition. After spending some time on the local circuit Vocalist DAMIEN KING and Bassist SCOTT DILLEY decided to take the band over the ocean to Australia where they found a few more like-minded guys and settled on a new line-up. The band became cult legends around the Aussie scene for a short while before disappearing into the abyss, more than likely due to the timing of the band coming over and the grunge movement that came through very closely behind them.

During the time Mr. Scary were active, recorded material was very slim and as far as I know they only released one three track cassette. The 2009 CD from the balled called THE WORLD CAN WAIT aims to rectify this and give their fans something to remember them by. The album collects everything that the band ever put to tape in some manner and also features a bonus track that was written by a couple of members after the split.

With the album, Mr. Scary show that they were yet another band that just came around a little too late, and I think that if the melodic rock scene had of stayed strong for a few more years these guys would probably have gone a lot further. EVERYTHING PUT TOGETHER, HEART & SOUL and SOME KIND OF CRAZY are as good as any melodic rock you’ll hear and sound like a combination of fellow Aussies ROXUS and early day DANGER DANGER, the big ballad RACHEL is close to AOR perfection and will have you waving your lighter around for sure.

Mr. Scary have recently released a second run of copies o this album and they are sure to sell out fast, so I will advise any melodic rock fan worth his salt to go and check out the samples and try and snare a copy for yourself before it becomes a collectors item, if it isn’t already.

Written by Zeezzee

Ratings Zeezee 9/10

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