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Mystery Blue – Hell & Fury


Style: Traditional Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Frenzy: Guitars

Nathalie: Vocals

Vince: Drums

Rikki: Bass


1 .The Night Before

2 .Hell & Fury

3 .Endangering Species

4 .Welcome To Chaos

5 .Metal Attack

6 .No Way Out

7 .Fate

8 .Piece Of Eternity

9 .Nuclear Skies

10 .The Deadly Nightshade

11 .When Time Is Pain

I was a little bit embarrassed to learn that MYSTERY BLUE have been around since 1982 and that HELL & FURY is their sixth full-length release since that time. While I certainly don’t claim to be the all-knowing guru of rock & metal, I like to think that most of the time I know a bit about what I’m talking about, but until this album reached my desk I had never heard of the band before and it remains a mystery to me why not.

It is slightly possible that I may have heard something from this group in the past and not chased them up, as with HELL & FURY, whilst I did enjoy the musical side of things, female vocalist NATHALIE has a voice that I just can’t get in to no matter how hard I try. Obviously there are a great number of people that are fine with her voice as the band have done numerous German open air festivals and also played alongside bands like MOTORHEAD, DEF LEPPARD, SAXON, VENGEANCE and many others, but even though traditional heavy metal is one of my favorite genres, the vocals were just too much for me to handle.

Songs like HELL & FURY and METALL ATTACK harken back to the good old days of bands like JUDAS PRIEST and WARLORD and musically the ideas are great. There is of course nothing really original happening here except for the novelty of having a female vocalist, but I think that isn’t enough to make this an essential purchase.

If you are a fan of traditional heavy metal, I do suggest having a listen though, because if you can get past the vocals better than I did, you will be sure to enjoy the album for what it is. Anyone expecting to hear some female metal along the lines of DORO and LITA FORD are advised to approach with caution

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  6/10

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