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Pain of Salvation – Road Salt One

Released by : Inside/Out Music

Released on June 8th, 2010(USA)

Running Time: 51:24



Line Up:

Daniel Gildenlöw – vocals/guitar

Johan Hallgren – guitar/vocals

Leo Margarit – drums/vocals

Fredrik Hermansson – keys/vocals


1. No Way (5:28)

2. She Likes To Hide (2:57)

3. Sisters (6:15)

4. Of Dust (2:32)

5. Tell Me You Don’t Know (2:42)

6. Sleeping Under The Stars (3:35)

7. Darkness Of Mine (4:17)

8. Linoleum (4:55)

9. Curiosity (3:33)

10. Where It Hurts (4:51)

11. Road Salt (3:00)

12. Innocence (7:15)

For a moment in time , just for an instance we find ourselves often dwelling in emotions. Some of us listen to music to portrait emotions, certain bands like Pain Of Salvation induce emotions when they play music.  Already being a popular entity as a band in the progressive genre for many years the Swedes have toppled a roller coaster of emotional imbalance when it comes to their music. Such landmarks records as “Remedy Lane” and “The Perfect Element” helped propel the band to new heights while firmly planting their ever evolving seed on the prog world.

The band lead by the often eclecctic and enigmactic front man Daniel Gildenlow have returned with their 7th studio album following the less impressive work on “Scarsick”. So they return now with a part 1 of 2 record set titled “Road Salt One” the ladder to be released in October at some point. So what does the band have to offer? What new evolution has them morphed into this time around? Well hard to explain but I was picking up vibes of more grunge mix with some classic 70’s rock  on tracks like “No Way” as Gildenlow howls and wails with plenty of emotive. The haunting melancholy keys in “Sisters” creep beautifully to formed a mirage wall of sound. When the “Linoleum” EP was released last year the featured track by the same name scaled up my interest a bit as it’s gritty straight up crunchy approach sounded like a whole new POS and from the varied and mix bag of compositions on Road Salt One I was right. More in the vain of it’s EP comes the creepy kinetic track “Darkness of Mine” as Gildenlow lays down a more attainable chorus verse one of the easiest tracks to digest.

Label them innovators, artistic creators or progressive transcendent whatever you like to call POS, you have to admire the way they can can seamlessly jump across genres and create a blend of musically confound bliss. They capture a unique bleak mix of prog and 70’s early rock fusion to somehow captivate and keep you hooked. The vocal performance by Daniel is superb as expected, but the whole band sounds tight as hell. Word to the wise judge for yourself as we await the part II piece this should give fans plenty to chew on until the next musical epic comes out.  As  an artist you try to evolve, Pain of Salvation has successfully done that once more as they have no fear in the drive behind their style and substance and for that they must be commended.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  9/10

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