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Voices Of Extreme – Break The Silence

Release Date: August 2, 2010

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Don Chaffin-Lead Vocals

Bob Brennan-Bass Guitar

Rob Katrikh – Guitar

Mike Khalilov – Keys

John Macaluso-Drums


1. Damned

2. Tell Me What It Takes

3. Apocalypse

4. Break the Silence

5. Numb

6. Did It Again

7. Hollow

8. Made of Stone

9. Blown Away

10. Sorry

11. Pain

Melodic Rockers Voices of Extreme burst back onto the scene with this anticipated release of “Break The Silence” their 2nd since their debut “Hypocrite”. And the new record featuring the talents of vocalist Don Chaffin and the master drum work of John Macaluso. I have come to expect some good things from these super groups, but these guys really do know how to play with a very modern edge of heaviness and melodic at the same time. V.O.X. was created by childhood friends Don Chaffin and Bob Brennan. They started working on the recordings for their second release in late 2009 when Bob Brennan returned to New York and reunited with Don Chaffin and John Macaluso. The second release introduces new musicians Rob Katrikh and Mike Khalilov.

Both the first 2 opener tracks “Damned” and “Tell Me What It Takes” are powerful dose of hard rock fixation, with a groovy flow pattern following each one.  The excellent driving power rhythm in “Break The Silence” is an absolute bone crushing favorite of mine upon multiple listens, you can hear the drum structure of Macaluso take over the rhythm to reinforce the soft piano parts, good stuff folks. Some thrashy influences show up on the track “Numb” more in the vain of Anthrax, which wouldn’t be a surprise since Danny Spitz guitarist for Anthrax fame produced the bands debut in 2005.  The bone crushing guitar riff in “Did It Again” is just aggressive as it’s menacing lyrics, Rob Katrikh who is an excellent axeman tears this track apart with his blazing rhythm.

The funny thing is that this release sorta came out of nowhere and once I heard the musicians involved I had to check it out. VOX manages to break through with an equal balance of hard and melodic to satisfy the regular Hard Rock fan. The guitar riffs are monster and epic, and the drumming is shall I say TIGHT as hell!!!. Is almost  an ear shattering experience to witness the force in which the band infiltrates these new tunes, the rhythm section is simply sick and the vocals of Chaffin fit the trashy parts in unison. Do yourself a favor please, go get this when it comes out and support these guys, great music like this can’t go unnoticed. Knock it back, all the way back to the bank!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   9/10

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