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Deadmanswake – It Comes To This

Released by : SELF RELEASED Out Now!!!

Style: Heavy Rock



01 .Amy

02 .Back To Blood

03 .Far Be It From Me

04 .Murder

05 .Running Behind

06 .Flowers (Stand Between Us)

07 .Partner In Crime

08 .Selfish

09 .Why Didn’t You Say So?

10 .Save Me

11 .Homeless (Acoustic Bonus Track)

DEADMANSWAKE are a new female-fronted, horror-tinged, heavy rock band from Chicago that have chosen 2010 as the year to unleash their debut album IT COMES TO THIS upon the world.

Musically the songs are quite good, if not a little marred by a slightly cardboard box sounding production, but the true centerpiece of this album is the multi-layered vocals of female goth rock chick Kryssie Ridolfi, sporting a voice that tows the line perfectly between emotion and aggression. She also has a keen knack for writing smart and well thought out lyrics, with BACK TO BLOOD, a song about turning into a zombie being a perfect example.

I did have trouble working out what genre suits the band the most, but I think just Heavy Rock will have to do, there are elements of goth-rock and horror-rock, but those comparisons mainly relate to the lyrics, and the album also has its fair share of heavier moments that could be classed as a mix of modern rock and groove metal, but I guess sometimes genres can be a fickle thing anyways, and DEADMANSWAKE have carved their own sound into the musical landscape which should set them in good stead for further success and accolades.

I do have a couple of small gripes with the album, and that is the bonus acoustic track HOMELESS, which was recorded in Kryssie’s basement. Yes it’s only a bonus track but I feel the quality of it doesn’t do justice to the rest of the album and the backup vocals are about a half-step out of tune, which may sound minimal, but when the only thing to mask it is one acoustic guitar it is really noticeable. The other thing is that there are a couple of instances where the lead guitar goes out of time, which is something I’m sure could have been noticed and fixed in the production stages somewhere.

Apart from a couple of small blemishes, IT COMES TO THIS is a very good debut album that the band can be rightly proud of. I hope that the album brings the band enough success to get signed, as I would love to hear what this band could do with a bigger budget production.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee   7/10

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