Raunchy – A Discord Electric

If I had to compare the band they most closely resemble the Dutch band "Mnenic" who plays in the style of industrial death metal as well. The opener "Dim...

Released by Lifeforce Records

Release Date: September 10, 2010

Genre: Melodic Metal/Industrial/Metalcore

Links: http://www.myspace.com/raunchy

Line Up:

Kasper Thomsen – Vocals

Lars Christensen – Guitar

Jesper Andreas Tilsted – Guitar

Jesper Kvist – Bass

Jeppe Christensen – Keyboard/Vocals

Morten Toft Hansen – Drums


01. Dim The Lights And Run

02. Rumors Of Worship

03. Nght Prty

04. Street Emperor

05. Blueprints For Lost Sounds

06. Shake Your Grave

07. Tiger Crown

08. Big Truth

09. The Great Depression

10. The Yeah Thing

11. Ire Vampire

12. Gunslingers And Tombstones

The Danish sextet Raunchy play an interesting mix of Melodic Metal with catchy pop elements and death growls thrown into the mix for good measure. I haven’t heard much from these guys in the past, and considering this is the groups 5th studio album I was kinda surprised.  The band’s sound can be described in short as a good mix of industrial death metal, with some pop undertones around the chorus bridges. To be perfectly honest, as I approached the new cd I was wondering if it was my cup of tea, well I can honestly say there’s enough here to wrap your ears around simply because they don’t tend to lean heavy on one style, I mean is they’re own style but they balance the music very well between the clean and dark growl vocals and it really works.

If I had to compare the band they most closely resemble the Dutch band “Mnemic” who plays a fusion between metalcore, melodic death metal, industrial metal and progressive metal. The opener “Dim The Lights and Run” is a strong kick starter which lends hand to the synth keyboard sounds to set the mood as lead singer Kasper Thomsen rises high to park up a tight chorus. The haunting melody at the beginning of “Shake Your Grave” is noteworthy, as the spoken parts soon follow into a heavier plow of industrial meltdown which once again give away to an amazing high rising chorus, which for me really takes the cake and makes the album more accessible then just pure metalcore. The band uses this formula for most of the record, there’s parts here that sound like old school Soilwork with different layers thrown together. I was digging the more commercial linear “Big Truth” a simple track with almost an emo punk atmosphere that dwells in pretty well.

A hefty surprise in fact I was not expecting anything at all from Raunchy, partly as I hadn’t heard much from these guys in the past, but also I’m not the biggest fan of the Metalcore genre, is way to clustered with copycats and redundant music that just doesn’t do it for me, but Raunchy manage to change the formula a bit and mix it up with the interesting synth pop keys and a good mix of death metal growls and clean and actually acceptable choruses that make the record easier to listen to. Plus you can’t complaint about quantity when quality is good even when some of the songs are over 5 minutes, for  a band like this engaging an audience with this type of songs clocking on overhaul and still making it interesting is pretty well done. Big thumbs up for “A Discord Electric” for being different and not being afraid to mix it up in the name of originality. Go check it out!!!.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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