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Damage Done – Stories Never Told

Released By : Self Released  –  Out Now

Genre: Alt. Rock/Modern Rock

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Nick Kappas – Vocals

Georgia Constantinou – Vocals

Theodosis Chatzistergos – Guitars, Piano

Button- guitars

Kostas Laskarakis – Drums

Alkaios Abdelas – Bass


1. I Am Harmed

2. Now That You’re Gone

3. Physicated Soul

4. Grief (Instrumental)

5. It’s Only Life After All

6. Searching For A Reason

7. Behind Every Door

8. Who Am I

9. All I Need Is A Peace Of Mind

10. All I Need Is Some Time

I usually like to start my reviews with a bit of back story about the band and how the album came about. For one it helps to pad the review out a bit and give readers something to look through, and it also helps me get a bit more of a feel about a certain album. The information available about DAMAGE DONE is very scarce, so I guess I’ll just jump straight in to the music.

STORIES NEVER TOLD is quite hard to classify and the band certainly have their own unique sound. Basically the entire album reminded me of the Metallica song MAMMA SAID with weaker guitars. It is all a bit modern rock fused with some of the mentality of mid-nineties rock with very clean guitars and somber vocals that are almost gothic rock sounding in places. The overall package is very good with a full lyrics booklet, digipak packaging, excellent production and three bonus video clips accessible from your pc, but the music doesn’t really like up to the potential that is attained from the initial look. Don’t judge a book by its cover is very relevant information when approaching the new album from DAMAGE DONE and I can’t honestly recommend STORIES NEVER TOLD as there are so many more albums out there worthy of your time more than this one is.  Look, it’s not absolutely terrible and there is some potential here, but STORIES NEVER TOLD is not going to be the album that helps the band move forward. It pains me to write negatively about any band that takes the time so send us something, but all I can hope is that the guys in the band take it on the chin and go back and start writing some new tunes that can hopefully prove me wrong in the future.

Written by ZeeZee

Rating: 5/10

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