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David Byron Band – On The Rocks

Released By : Angel Air Music – Out Now

Genre: Classic Rock



David Byron – Vocals

Robin George – Guitars

Mel Collins – Saxaphones

Bob Jackson – Keyboards

Roger Flavelle – Bass

John Shearer – Drums & Percussion


1. Rebecca

2. Bad Girl

3. How Do You Sleep?

4. Start Believing

5. Never Say Die

6. Piece Of My Love

7. King

8. Little By Little

9. Fool For A Pretty Face

10. Safety In Numbers

11. One Minute More

The late David Byron is better known as the eclectic and always highly entertaining frontman for URIAH HEEP, staying with the band for ten successful albums before moving on to other things in 1976. In 1981 he released his first album under the BYRON BAND moniker titles ON THE ROCKS, which saw him teaming up with up and coming guitarist ROBIN GEORGE, who’s releases have featured quite strongly in the Angel Air Music catalogue.

This re-release of the ON THE ROCKS album features a great booklet with some interesting back story and some never before seen photos and had also been lovingly remastered by ROBIN GEORGE himself. As with the last few GEORGE remasters, the album sounds better than ever and certainly has a much fatter and thick sound. This is especially noticeable on the drum tracks and you can hear how punchy the snare is.

I don’t really like to talk to much about the actual music when I review reissues, as to me they more about sonic production and physical presentation so I won’t go in to too much detail, other than to say the style is a bit removed from the typical URIAH HEEP sound and more in the classic blues rock vein that is typical of the late seventies early eighties. Across the disc I hear things that reminded me of ROD STEWART, FREE, early FOREIGNER and maybe even a little CREAM and a smidge of LED ZEPPELIN. Throughout the disc DAVID BYRON is in fine form and his natural abilities as an entertainer shine through in his unique vocal delivery. Even though it was pretty early in his career ROBIN GEORGE rips the album up from start to finish and makes it clear as to why he became such a sought after guitarist. I think the guitar is a tiny bit too loud in the mix during a couple of songs, but seems as though the remastering was done by ROBIN GEORGE himself that can certainly be understood and forgiven.

ON THE ROCKS is another great addition to the ANGEL AIR catalogue and is a great album for people that may be curious as to BYRON’S post HEEP career was going before his death. The album also offers more than enough for people that already own an earlier pressing and are considering upgrading.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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