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Dust & Bones – Voodoo

Released By : Monkey Bone Music

Genre: Hard Rock

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Nick Elmore – Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Sean Quidgeon – Guitars, Vocals

Big Dawg – Bass, Vocals

Ryan Riggs – Drums, Vocals


1. She’s On Fire

2. Pair O Dice

3. Feed My Disease

4. Come Get Some

5. Ready, Willing And Able

6. Dear Diary

7. Voodoo

8. No More Long Goodbyes

9. Whiskey Dick

10. Shot Down

11. No More

12. Running Free

13. Come Up Swinging

It would seem that I am a little late to the punch with this one as it was released half way through 2009 or something like that. But in my defense I only received the promo package for this album from TSM/SLW about a week or so ago. As is per usual with any promo package I open, I read the accompanying documents before the CD even got near the player.

Because I couldn’t have said it better myself I am going to outright copy the opening paragraph from the DUST AND BONES biography…

“To all the die-hard rock fans around the world, you can now spread the word. Haven’t you had enough of the melancholy, whiny, want to hang myself music? If you like classic dirty rock n roll, Dust and Bones is the band for you. Rock n roll has taken a back seat for too long and Dust and Bones calls SHOTGUN”

My interest in hearing what the band had to offer was certainly high after reading this and when you look at the picture next to this paragraph which is of the band sitting at the feet of a stripper on a stripper table I hoped that the music could live up to the good time party vibe I had in mind.

After a few listens it is safe to say that VOODOO lived up to all of my expectations and then some. Yes the music is in the party rock/pub rock vibe and draws influence from guys like AC/DC, BUCKCHERRY, THE ANGELS and RHINO BUCKET, but man do they pull it off convincingly.  Vocalist NICK ELMORE has a great voice for this kind of music and he brings an addition to the band in the form of some great harmonica playing, which also gives the music a bit of a blues-rock vibe here and there. As with any good hard rock all of the rest of the band members are credited with contributing vocals. Bass man BIG DAWG is certainly a large fella, but who better to lay down ass-kicking chunky bass grooves hey? SEAN QUIDGEON has the combination of simple yet effective riffing, topped off with some hair raising solo action that only the better guitarists of the world manage. Drummer RYAN RIGGS doesn’t get a whole lot of opportunities to show his stuff on the album, but when h does you can tell he is a master of sticks.

Opening track SHE’S ON FIRE sounds like a combination of early day MOTLEY CRUE mixed with some AC/DC and is probably my favorite track on the album. COME GET SOME is another highlight for me and is straight of the sleazy hard rock of yesteryear’s sunset strip. READY, WILLING AND ABLE reminds me of something you would hear from BUCKCHERRY and is another song that is custom made for a party mix playlist. One more track I’d like to make a mention of is WHISKEY DICK, a song that perfectly sums up what the band are trying to achieve and has a very funny lyric.

VOODOO was a pleasant surprise to my ears and DUST AND BONES have officially landed on my ‘keep an eye on’ list and I have no problems with recommending the album to anyone that loves the simpler side of pure rock n roll. The one bit of advise I’d like offer the band however is, next time spend a little bit of money on some decent album artwork. It’s a little bit of a shame that such an awesome album has one of the year’s ugliest album covers.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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