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Six Degrees Of Separation – Of Us

Released By : Triotus Productions

Genre: Thrashy Doom Metal



Doctor – Vocals, Bass

Vlasa – Vocals, Guitar

Canni – Guitar

Pickard – Drums


1. F-2370

2. For Hannah

3. Of Unrealistic Ambitions

4. Of Common Guilt

5. For Me

6. Idiot

7. Guilt Is A Vector Of Time

8. For Fridrich

9. For John

10. Felicitas

11. For Jack

I must admit, before I listened to this new album from SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION I had never heard of the band. That’s not really a surprise when you consider they hail from Czech Republic, not a place really known for its musical output by any stretch of the imagination. OF US is the band’s fourth studio release since their inception in 2001 and their first after changing record labels from Elysion Music over to Triotus Production.

Over the time the band’s line-up had changed dramatically and with every album has come new members and a slightly adjusted and different sound. SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION originally began as a pure Doom Metal band featuring a keyboard and female vocals, but have since streamlined the members down to the standard Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Bass.

The band have based their style in Doom Metal lyrically and thematically, but musically there are a variation of styles that make up the sound. In places riff-wise and vocal-wise there is a strong emphasis on aggressive Thrash Metal, which often flow into choruses not unlike ones you would hear on any Black Metal release. There are also some moments with a bit more melody that are a refreshing break from the onslaught of extreme music that makes up most of the album.

The introspective and lamenting lyrics for the most part were interesting to read through, and for a bunch of guys from the Czech Republic the English is quite good.

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION definitely have the sound and feel of a band that have been around a while and the level of expertise on OF US is top notch. I thought the production was a little muddy in places, but it’s possible that this was the intention to create a gloomier atmosphere. It’s hard to know exactly who to recommend this album to, but if you’re a fan of any genre of metal at least give this one a shot, there’s plenty to like about this band and the future looks bright.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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