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Nuclear – Jehovirus

Released By : Australis Records

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Matias Leonicio – Vocals

Sebastian Puente – Guitar

Francisco Haussmann – Guitar

Punto Sudy – Drums

Raimundo Correa – Bass


1. Belligerance

2. Criminal Solicitation

3. Asphyxia

4. Brutal Yet Precise

5. Acts Of Depravity

6. The One We Must Kill

7. World Depletion

8. On Killing

9. Defleshed

Previous to this new album JEHOVIRUS, I had heard a little bit of Chilean Thrash Metal band NUCLEAR, mainly from their TEN BROKEN CODES album in 2008 which was recommended to me by a friend. I remember enjoying the album, but didn’t delve too far into the history of the band. When this new album found its way onto my desk I decided that now was the time to delve in a bit deeper. The band have been around since about 1997, and since then have released two other full-length albums, a live album and have also taken part in a SLAYER tribute album. They are quite highly regarded in the homeland and have played alongside many, many great bands including but not limited to BRUJERIA, DESTRUCTION, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and MORTAL SIN.

The brand of thrash metal that is displayed on JEHOVIRUS is totally of the old-school variety, but tends to lean toward the more aggressive thrashers like KREATOR and SLAYER especially. There is also a bit of an ARISE era SEPULTURA influence that I found very enjoyable. The vocals are sung in a definite Chilean accent, but are never too string as to be too hard to understand, and that is a good thing because the lyrics are a definite highlight throughout the album. Songs that touch on murder, violence, war and hate are the order of the day here, but the lyrics are never done in a tasteless way purely for shock value, they are always poignant, fierce and unrelenting and are a true joy to red along to.  Some of the riffery that is shown on JEHOVIRUS is well above average and they seamlessly mix in with some kick-ass shred style lead breaks.

The Slayer-esque intro to opening track BELLIGERANCE is a deceiving beginning to an awesome track that is something along the intensity of a track you might hear on METALLICA’S really early stuff. CRIMINAL SOLICITATION is SOUTH OF HEAVEN era SLAYER all over and will surely appeal to fans of straight up head banging thrash. BRUTAL YET PRECISE was another track that really got me hooked and is probably the most in-your-face and aggressive song of the album. By the end of the closing track DEFLESHED, it was clear to me that NUCLEAR are one band to keep an eye on.

2010 has been a pretty massive year for thrash metal and the releases are still coming in hard & fast, but for a no bullshit, head bangin’ thrashfest, look no further than NUCLEAR, because JEHOVIRUS is one of the best releases in the genre of the year

Written By ZeeZee

Rating: 8/10

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