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Robin George – Crying Diamonds/Dangerous Music

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre: Melodic Rock

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Disc 1

1. Learn The Dance

2. Thanks For The Memories

3. Face To Face

4. Judy

5. What Goes Around Comes Around

6. Flying

7. Cocoon

8. Haunted

9. Loving You

10. Crying Diamonds

11. King’s Call

12. Things Have Got To Change

13. Yesterday’s News

14. Roulette

15. Cry From The Heart

16. Chance Of A Lifetime

17. Machine

18. Red For Danger

Disc 2

1. Showdown

2. Shoot On Site

3. Spy

4. No News Is Good News

5. In The Night

6. History

7. Hitlist

8. Heartline

9. Dangerous Music

10. Go Down Fighting

11. Shout

12. Don’t Turn Away

13. Heartline (From Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show)

14. Spy (From Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show)

15. Shoot On Sight (From BBC Live In Concert At The Paris Theatre)

16. Go Down Fighting (From BBC Live In Concert At The Paris Theatre)

Think you haven’t heard of Robin George? Think again. If you have listened to much rock music over the last thirty years or so, chances are you’ve heard at least one thing that he has been involved with, maybe more.

I agree that he is not a household name, but during his career as a solo artist, songwriter and high-demand producer, ROBIN GEORGE has worked with many people including but not limited to ROBERT PLANT, DAVID BYRON, PHIL LYNNOTT, JOHN WETTEN, TED NUGENT, DAMAGE CONTROL, MAGUM, MARSHALL LAW, DANGEROUS MUSIC and a slew of other well respected bands and artists.

The new release from ANGEL AIR MUSIC is a double CD pack which includes GEORGE’S 2006 studio album CRYING DIAMONDS with four bonus tracks, and highly sought-after 2004 release DANGEROUS MUSIC LIVE ’85, which also includes a further four bonus tracks, taking the entire compilation up to a total of 34 songs, which is surely great value for your money.

Admittedly, I have always been more of a fan of his songwriting than his actual recordings as I have never really gelled with his vocal style, he is not a bad singer or anything like that, it’s more a phrasing thing that for some reason I just can’t get comfortable with. But by no means did that detract from my enjoyment of this double-disc album, as I really enjoy his songwriting style which is a very classy and interesting take on the standard melodic rock sound of his peers, which also has a very deep connection with the more classic rock sounds of bands like MAGNUM and THIN LIZZY.

If you are yet to discover the raw talent that is ROBIN GEORGE, this 2 disc set is a great place to start, and if you’re already a fan of the man there is plenty of reasons to add this to your collection, especially the fact that over the two discs there is eight bonus tracks that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

Another worthy release from one of the better re-issue labels doing the rounds at the moment.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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