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The Mary Major – 04:13

Released by : TMM Productions

Genre: Gothic Tinged Modern Rock

Links :

Lineup :

Lotta Hoglin – Vocals

Erik Molarin – Vocals

Daniel Eloffson – Guitar

Jorgen Strom – Guitar

Jonas Stromberg – Drums

Tracklist :

1. Stage 7

2. Split

3. Ambush

4. Morning Sickness

5. Settled Temptation

6. 66 A.M

7. Theme Of Darlene

8. Time Of Death

9. Smuck

10. The Moon Motel

Once upon a time there was a gothic rock/metal band called BESEECH, who between 1998 and 2005 released five albums. While each of these five albums had their own cult following, universally and critically the band was stuck in a bit of a rut and couldn’t move forward. What they have basically done now, is push the RESET button, changed their name and changed their style to what the band says is straight ahead rock n roll. Yes, the band have changed their name to THE MARY MAJOR and 04:13 is the first album under the new moniker.

The first instinct for me here is that old habits die hard, and the new music TMM are playing still has a very goth rock tinge to it and in all reality isn’t that far removed from the sound the band was trying to step way from. There are a lot of instances where the band sound like they are playing straight up hard rock, but both lead vocalists still have a very goth sound to their voices, and when they sing together I am reminded a little of NIGHTWISH. STAGE 7 and MORNING SICKNESS are probably the best two songs to show what TMM are aiming for and both tracks are very enjoyable. Closing track THE MOON MOTEL is a lot closer to their old style both musically and lyrically.

What I did fid excellent was the guitar sound on the album, a very meaty and heavy sound that should be what the band base their style around, especially combined with a very professional production.

Personally I feel that it may take TMM a couple of albums to really develop the new style they are going for because you can almost hear it on 04:13 but the overflow from the previous band is a little too prominent.

04:13 is definitely a good start and should at the very least push the band toward their goal, fans of BESSECH should probably check this out, it’s a little bit more mainstream than what they have done in the past but it’s still got a fair amount of the BESEECH trademark sound.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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